Teleporter Gathering Guide

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13 Teleporters, (“tp” for short)

To activate the Teleporter just walk into it, stand close to the light and rightclick at it. Once activated (means you see it on your map as blue dot), you can teleport back to it from any other Teleporter.

Unfortunately the only option you have is to run to all the tps but 3 (Port Atlantis, New Oxford, and Treasure Island Castle) to activate them.

It will save a lot of time if you collect all the tps, or at least those which are near the locations you want to hunt or mine.

To teleport, walk into the tp and rightclick at it. The map will open. You select the tp at or near the location you want to go, click at teleport you arrive there in a few seconds (or minutes if the lag is high).
If you want to teleport to the other continent (you can’t run there) walk into a tp, and click change continent choose one of the tps there, and teleport to it.

This are the tp coordinates for Eudoria, with a way explanation. I suggest you follow that way, because you can find you at a stuck outpost very soon, if you don’t. If you have too much problems send me a message and I see what I can do to take you there.

X (increases by moving east) Y (increases by moving north)

Port Atlantis 6055 8442
Port Atlantis Mall (top level) 5859 8374
Billy’s Spaceship Afterworld8127 10542
Orthos West Mound 6379 12144
Camp Phoenix 9790 10583
Zychion Citadel 10850 9676

East Scylla Mountains13812 9114
now you head south east too the beach. Beware of atrax there, after some time you head north east to

Twin Peaks 17032 8096

Twin Peaks Mall (top level) 16814 8372

start at scylla again and run south to

Fort Troy 13353 3962
from east Scylla now to
Jason Centre 14454 10864

from phoenix or Zychion (beware the fishes in the lake)
run north to the coast and follow the river then to

Limnidan District 12107 12070

Fort Fury 11080 13230

Fort Medusa 12634 13602

Atlas Haven 12388 15845
Atlas Island North 12582 17214

NEVER head north from here, after some time there comes a hard stucking outpost
now you run south west, to the coast, follow it to
Atlas Island South 10534 14934

Tethy’s Creek 10484 15933

Now head west, and a bit north if possible, if you are killed don’t care, it is quite easy to escape those outposts there, run to

Hadesheim Outpost 7669 15970

Hadesheim South 6910 16467

Hadesheim Centre 7126 17092

Hadesheim East 8080 17347
Now it will be a bit critical, run north and a bit east, if you are killed and come to a outpost north of Hadesheim quite everything is alright, make it to the beach and head (swim mainly) to

Cape Corinth 3330 21019
then run and swim north east, the more north you reach the next island the better, after you reached it head to

Fort Ithaca 9127 22353

Fort Argus 15206 23532
you can try a breaktrough to
Camp Echidna 17950 19639
but can also try it from pandora later

again don’t run south from Argus, especially not south west, head to the east to the houses there, where you can be killed, then head NE to the river, and either be killed or press T and click yes and wait 60 seconds, and you arrive in
Fort Zeus 22466 27705

North Space Base 24493 28912
Next can be critical, try to reach the ocean in the east, then head south to

Camp Caravan 24014 23520
swim south to

Minopolis 25488 17486

the direct way can be very hard, so you can also try to reach the ocean and swim south most of the way

Nymphtown 24900 12416

from Atlas Haven to

Fort Ares 14478 14399

Aegis Mound 14400 16187

Chimera Canyons15595 16324
the 2 most critical at the end
first Pandora, easiest from twin up the desert, or from Ares if you run west to the desert and then north tp

Fort Pandora 19650 15380
from here you can another run for Echidna too


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