Colors & Dyes

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In order to color a customizable piece of clothing (customizable objects are recognized by having a capital C in the upper left area of its item icon or at the end of its title e.g. Radar Jack (M, C)) you will need colored Paint Cans, and a Colorator tool.

Equip your Colorator tool by right clicking it in your Inventory and choosing Equip from the interaction menu. Once equipped, activate it by pressing the left mouse button. Colorator tools can be manufactured using blueprints and raw materials, bought from the auction, from colonist shops or through direct trade with another avatar.

The Colorator Panel Will Apper

Add your customizable piece of clothing to the designated area in the Colorator Panel.

If you wish to color an already colored garment, you need to remove existing color(s) from the garment first. For this you will need to attach a Color Bleaching Addition to your Colorator tool. Once acquired, simply drag the attachment onto your tool in the inventory. A bleaching option will then be available on the Colorator panel when you activate your Colorator tool. Add the colored Paint to the desired customizable field on the Colorator Panel.

Your ability to apply different colors will depend on your Colorer skills. You can check your current avatar skills in the Avatar Skills Panel. Check the item info for different Paint Cans to see skill requirements and recommendations.

Your Success Rate (based on your avatar’s skills and amount of Paint Cans added) is displayed below the customizable field. A full green bar indicates a high Success Rate, while a small red bar indicates a low Success Rate.

You may also adjust the saturation level of your new Color in the piece of clothing by adjusting the slider below the Success Rate indicator.

Once satisfied press ‘Apply’ to complete the procedure. The Paint resources will be consumed and results will be displayed in a new panel along with any monetary compensation for the amount of resources consumed.


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