Animal Taming

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Animal taming is a skill related to an avatar’s ability of Taming animals and take control over some of their actions. This is accomplished by whipping a mob with a whip and then feeding it a minimum of 200 nutrio bars, if you feed it less than 200 it will still not obey your commands. While whipped the mob takes damage, decreases the mob’s spirit and increases its respect. This is shown by a set of 3 coloured bars above the mob, with the spirit and respect bar above the health bar.

Attempting to Tame

While taming a mob it may happen that a harder hit will kill the mob, this being the case, the mob can be looted. If the avatar is hit while the mob is being tamed then the respect level will decrease. The spirit bar as the health bar represent a progress in the taming process. Some mobs loose their health faster than their spirit, with others the order is reversed. It can take several whipping sessions for the mob to become tame. Be sure that you do not kill the mob while whipping it and let it regenerate health if needed without allowing it to hit you.

If the conditions are correct, then by using the Attempt tame action from the Actions book the mob will stop attacking and can be fed the nutrio bar. It is recommended to use at least 110 nutrio, less will result in a failure, more can be lost in case of a failed tame. For best results, put the Attempt tame action and the nutrio bars on the quick bar.

Caring for your Pet

After you tame the mob, it becomes a pet. It has 3 bars above the head indicating trust, energy and health. You can use a brush to increase a mob’s trust and encourage it to make complex tricks. The mob can be ordered to move to a new location and perform tricks or greetings. This increases the mob’s experience points. If Logging out or leaving an area, it is recommended that you stable the pet, by using the Stable Keeper NPC. This is done by bringing the mob into a stable and ordering the mob the stable action. A loot window will appear showing you a pet deed consisting of a pod and a miniature mob on its surface. All the pet’s related info can be accessed on the deed. You can trade the pet deed in a PvP Trade.

If you refuse or forget to feed the pet, it will desert you. The pet requires different amounts of food depending on the state and current activity. One energy point corresponds to one nutrio bar. When dismissing the pet, all the nutrio that was not used as energy, returns to the owner in the form of PED, with each point of energy worth 1 PEC. You can tame as many pets as you desire and own any number of them, however, the number of pets you man control at one point in the stable is defined by your Animal Handler skill, and the number of pets you can control in the field is defined by your Animal Tamer skill.

With the current taming systems, when you begin you will only be able to tame Snablesnots (both Male and Female), unless you have very high skills on other areas that are related to taming. When your animal tamer profession level increases, you will be able to tame Exarosaur and Daikibas in addition to higher maturity creatures.


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