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What is a Gold Card?

The Entropia Universe Gold Card System offers an access system equal to high-security online banks. The participant uses a smart card based membership-card and a portable stand-alone reader, which will generate One Time Passwords as a compliment to their current static password. The system adds an ultra-secure layer to the already high security of the Entropia Universe.

The Gold Card also protects your Entropia Universe account in the event of a virus infection or password sniffer software existing in your computer.

How do I get one?

You can acquire the virtual Gold Card from the Entropia Universe Trade Terminal: Real World Item section. The cost is 200 PED, including world-wide shipping. When your order is received, the smart card and reader will be sent to your address as stated in the account section.

BE SURE to verify that your account mailing address is accurate before you order a Gold Card.

How do I use my Gold Card?

First you need to activate your card. This is performed by logging on to the Entropia Universe site: Choose ‘my account’ and follow the link provided there. Type the Gold Card number, which is found on the back of the card, into the field and press ‘submit’.

NOTE: Once you have activated your card, you will never again be able to log into that account in Entropia Universe without having the Gold Card. See below for process to permanently disable the Gold Card on your account.

Once you have activated your Gold Card you can login to the Entropia Universe by using your regular password and login. A new window will appear, where you need to type the One Time password which you generate by inserting the smart card into the reader.

De-Activating Your Gold Card

Since the Gold Card System is meant to offer you the highest security possible, it cannot be removed unless you send MindArk a copy of your passport or other internationally aknowledged identification document to verify yourself as the true holder of the Entropia Universe account. See the Entropia Universe Support site for further details.


  • Error 72
The Error 72 appears when the reader cannot read the card properly. This may be due to several reasons. Please try to gently clean the card (as you would clean a credit card). If you still receive the same message, it could be that the battery has run low or that the reader is simply broken. For advice on how to proceed, please contact the Entropia Universe Support Department.
  • I have generated too many passwords with my Gold Card and now I am unable to login
Please generate two consecutive passwords with your Gold Card and add these passwords in a Support Case. Please do NOT generate any further passwords until MindArk has synchronized your Gold Card.
  • I’ve Lost My Card
If you lose your Gold Card, MindArk will de-activate your Gold Card (see above) to enable you to buy a new card. Please note that the Gold Card should be seen as a valuable item so it is your responsibility to treat it accordingly.
  • My Account Mailing Address Was Incorrect
Since it is your responsibility to ensure that your account information is correct and up-to-date before you apply for a Gold Card Membership, the Entropia Universe Support cannot help you further. If the parcel is returned to sender, MindArk will de-register the Gold Card from your account. After you have updated your account information, you will need to buy a new Gold Card.

Security Issues

  • Why does the Gold Card system not guarantee the safety of the Entropia Universe Support Section?
The Gold Card System offers a security system which protects your Entropia Universe account. However, it is not (and it was never intended to be) a protection against general attacks on your computer. It is your own responsibility to protect your computer. Even if someone manages to get hold of your account information via the Support Section, this information will not help him/her further once you have an activated Gold Card.
  • Who guarantees the safety of my Entropia Universe Account?
As the holder of the Entropia Universe account, you are responsible for all activities connected to this account. Upon completing the registration process, you will receive a login and password which constitute your account. Your account is uniquely associated with your participation. All of your access to the system will be through this account. To avoid misuse of your account, it is vital that you keep the account information to yourself.
Never reveal your password or login to anyone and please note that MindArk PE AB will Never ask you for such information!
Should you receive an Email, which asks you to reveal your account information, please ignore it as it most certainly is a scam attempt.
Many people claim that they have the ultimate program for guaranteed fortune in mining, promising great rewards while hunting and similar over-the-top stories. Many such programs infect your computer with viruses, ‘Trojan horses’, or key loggers (a program that records your key strokes and thereby collects your login and password). Such programs could be very hard to detect since they are often contained within files that are attached to other files, which you download.
It is recommended to change your password from time to time (see below). Further protection can also be achieved by installing a firewall and by regularly scanning the computer for viruses and other suspicious programs. Avoid the use of third party programs. Should you still feel insecure, maybe you should consider buying a Gold Card.

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