Entropia Tutorial For Newbies

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This a brief tutorial on how to make money in Entropia Universe. Specially dedicated to newbies.

Don’t worry about dying in this game, you will not lose anything! Cool right?!

The only way to earn money at first is by using your basic skill called “Sweat Gatherer”. This is used on “Monsters” more known as “Mobs” (people familiarised to MMO’s must have met this word before). I recommend you to go North West of your starting position to a place called “Swamp Camp”. There are a lot of “noobs” mobs which can be easily sweated. Go near one of them and double click on it. You’re character will start moving his hands around and making some humming noises, which is representing some kind of ritual. When he is ready, his hands will have green light around them, and now you can double click again on the mob to start gathering sweat from it. You know when you have managed to gather some sweat from the mob when a loot window will pop up and showing you the “Vibrant Sweat” with a number at the top left corner of the item which represents the amount of Vibrant Sweat you collected. Gathering Sweat doesn’t success all the time, so it might get a bit boring but you’ll get used to it and by time you will get your Sweat Gatherer skill up which helps you to succeed more often and gather more at a time! Repeat this process over and over again until you have some 1000-5000 (1-5k) Vibrant Sweat. NOTICE: This will take a lot of time so be patient and you might even have some breaks during this procedure so that you won’t get bored of the game. When you have collected enough, go to the tower at Swamp Camp with a “Cannon” Shaped machine gun on it (known as Turret), and say that you are selling Sweat @ Turret.

Ex: Selling Sweat for 0.5 each @ Turret

You might have noticed the “0.5 each” part in the sentence. That is the price of the Vibrant Sweat which people usually buy at. Don’t sell for less, even if it takes longer to find a buyer, or else you would make much less profit. This means that each Vibrant Sweat costs 0.5 PEC (Project Entropia Cents), so 1000 Vibrant Sweat will cost 5 PED (Project Entropia Dollars).

The Second step of Earning Money

When you sell all the 5k of Vibrant Sweat, you should have 25 PED. Now you should go inside the “Container Shaped” Room at the Swamp Camp (You should have already been in it if you have died while sweating), and double click on the “Trade Terminal” (The blue box shaped machine on the wall) and buy your first Weapon! I recommend that you buy the pistol called “Omegaton M2100” and 1000 “Light Weapon Cell” as ammo. Now find a friendly, well skilled player and ask him to take you to Camp Phoenix as there are easy mobs to kill there. When you arrive go North and kill the mobs called Snablesnot Male Young or Snablesnot Female Young. When you kill them try right clicking on them so that you can loot them. When you are killing these mobs, you might notice that your skill in Handguns, Aim, Evade, Anatomy and more will increase. When you have used all you ammo run back to Camp Phoenix and enter that “Container” Shaped room again and open the TT and Sell all your looted items. You should now notice that you have more money than before you bought your first 1000 Ammo. If not you must have been a bit unlucky and the mobs didn’t drop a lot of good loots, but don’t worry you still have some other 13-15 PED. Buy some more ammo and go kill again. If in some rare circumstances you lose all your money, don’t panic! You might go back to Sweat Gathering to earn more money to buy more ammo and start killing again. Don’t forget that dying is not a problem in this game as you will not lose anything. And also don’t forget that when you are killing the mobs, your skills are getting higher which means you can soon move on to other bigger and stronger mobs which will drop higher loots!

The Third step of Earning Money

After a week or two playing you should have earned around 100 PED or more, and you are now ready for more exciting and enjoyable way to earn money. This is Mining time 🙂 To start you will need to go to a TT and buy 3 Mining tools which are: “Ziplex Ju10 MatterSeeker”, “Genesis Star Energy Extractor EE/01” and “Omegaton Survey Probe” I recommend you buy 100 Survey Probes so that you don’t need to go mining and return back to buy more very often or else you will get bored. Now that you have those things all you have to do is to start going around anywhere you like, most importantly not in city or too close to sea. Start by using the Ziplex Ju10 MatterSeeker. When using it, you will drop a probe which will go down in the ground and explode and if it hits and enmatter in the vicinity, your MatterSeeker will guide you to it. Now take out your Genesis Star Energy Extractor EE/01 and use it on the “Claim Marker” and you will start mining the enmatter out of it. When it is emptied, it will automatically disappear and you will have to take out the MatterSeeker again and go around dropping probes to find more resources. When you have used all the bombs go to the TT and sell them or else to make more profit go to Port Atlantis and wait until you see someone buying Enmatters, and you can now go and sell it to him for the MU price (Mark-Up price/Market Price). You can repeat this process as much as you want and the more you do it the more the chance to become rich!

The End


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