Entropia Tutorial For Newbies

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This a brief tutorial on how to make money in Entropia Universe. Specially dedicated to newbies.

Don’t worry about dying in this game, you will not lose anything! Cool right?!

The only way to earn money at first is by using your basic skill called “Sweat Gatherer”. This is used on “Monsters” more known as “Mobs” (people familiarised to MMO’s must have met this word before). I recommend you to go North West of your starting position to a place called “Swamp Camp”. There are a lot of “noobs” mobs which can be easily sweated. Go near one of them and double click on it. You’re character will start moving his hands around and making some humming noises, which is representing some kind of ritual. When he is ready, his hands will have green light around them, and now you can double click again on the mob to start gathering sweat from it. You know when you have managed to gather some sweat from the mob when a loot window will pop up and showing you the “Vibrant Sweat” with a number at the top left corner of the item which represents the amount of Vibrant Sweat you collected. Gathering Sweat doesn’t success all the time, so it might get a bit boring but you’ll get used to it and by time you will get your Sweat Gatherer skill up which helps you to succeed more often and gather more at a time! Repeat this process over and over again until you have some 1000-5000 (1-5k) Vibrant Sweat. NOTICE: This will take a lot of time so be patient and you might even have some breaks during this procedure so that you won’t get bored of the game. When you have collected enough, go to the tower at Swamp Camp with a “Cannon” Shaped machine gun on it (known as Turret), and say that you are selling Sweat @ Turret.

Ex: Selling Sweat for 0.5 each @ Turret

You might have noticed the “0.5 each” part in the sentence. That is the price of the Vibrant Sweat which people usually buy at. Don’t sell for less, even if it takes longer to find a buyer, or else you would make much less profit. This means that each Vibrant Sweat costs 0.5 PEC (Project Entropia Cents), so 1000 Vibrant Sweat will cost 5 PED (Project Entropia Dollars).

The Second step of Earning Money

When you sell all the 5k of Vibrant Sweat, you should have 25 PED. Now you should go inside the “Container Shaped” Room at the Swamp Camp (You should have already been in it if you have died while sweating), and double click on the “Trade Terminal” (The blue box shaped machine on the wall) and buy your first Weapon! I recommend that you buy the pistol called “Omegaton M2100” and 1000 “Light Weapon Cell” as ammo. Now find a friendly, well skilled player and ask him to take you to Camp Phoenix as there are easy mobs to kill there. When you arrive go North and kill the mobs called Snablesnot Male Young or Snablesnot Female Young. When you kill them try right clicking on them so that you can loot them. When you are killing these mobs, you might notice that your skill in Handguns, Aim, Evade, Anatomy and more will increase. When you have used all you ammo run back to Camp Phoenix and enter that “Container” Shaped room again and open the TT and Sell all your looted items. You should now notice that you have more money than before you bought your first 1000 Ammo. If not you must have been a bit unlucky and the mobs didn’t drop a lot of good loots, but don’t worry you still have some other 13-15 PED. Buy some more ammo and go kill again. If in some rare circumstances you lose all your money, don’t panic! You might go back to Sweat Gathering to earn more money to buy more ammo and start killing again. Don’t forget that dying is not a problem in this game as you will not lose anything. And also don’t forget that when you are killing the mobs, your skills are getting higher which means you can soon move on to other bigger and stronger mobs which will drop higher loots!

The Third step of Earning Money

After a week or two playing you should have earned around 100 PED or more, and you are now ready for more exciting and enjoyable way to earn money. This is Mining time 🙂 To start you will need to go to a TT and buy 3 Mining tools which are: “Ziplex Ju10 MatterSeeker”, “Genesis Star Energy Extractor EE/01” and “Omegaton Survey Probe” I recommend you buy 100 Survey Probes so that you don’t need to go mining and return back to buy more very often or else you will get bored. Now that you have those things all you have to do is to start going around anywhere you like, most importantly not in city or too close to sea. Start by using the Ziplex Ju10 MatterSeeker. When using it, you will drop a probe which will go down in the ground and explode and if it hits and enmatter in the vicinity, your MatterSeeker will guide you to it. Now take out your Genesis Star Energy Extractor EE/01 and use it on the “Claim Marker” and you will start mining the enmatter out of it. When it is emptied, it will automatically disappear and you will have to take out the MatterSeeker again and go around dropping probes to find more resources. When you have used all the bombs go to the TT and sell them or else to make more profit go to Port Atlantis and wait until you see someone buying Enmatters, and you can now go and sell it to him for the MU price (Mark-Up price/Market Price). You can repeat this process as much as you want and the more you do it the more the chance to become rich!

The End


TP coordinates for Amethera

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Amethera is bigger, and often you find strong creatures there, large areas in Amethera are even PvP zones

Try to stay out of any Land Area during your runs when you can avoid it, else you might face tough mobs.
Generally, avoid any red dot you might encounter and rather try to run around it.

start from Treasure Island Castle (or Oxford, depends on what you like more)

Treasure Island Northern Shores 22973 26510

from Treasure Island Castle 20679 24846

Treasure Island City 18515 21859

Genesis Amethere Headquarters16941 19927

New Oxford 15603 19310

Bilton Towers 14861 18928

Wolverine Hope 21103 17121

from Oxford, stay away from equus

Nea’s Place 12984 10598

Palms Corner 16826 11230

Omegaton West Habitat 10327 10682

Memorial Island 7153 7553

Oyster Isle 4024 9268

Akmuul Island10858 3037

I suggest you come from oyster isle, head as much south west as you can, and just when you’re closer to the island head east again, avoid being killed, especially being killed too much east

Myrene Island 4537 3369

start New Oxford or Bilton towers, north west to

Emerald Lakes 14225 24876

Emerald Lakes Mall (top level) 14220 25115

Shinook Jungle 11504 26040

Solfais Crater 4931 29302

Segna Forest 2384 19012
rather start from Solfais Crater, the route from Oxford can be dangerous

start in Shinook Jungle and head north, there might be Allophyls and Molisks around, so watch your radar, but nothing really dangerous (at least not when I ran the path 😛
if you plan to swim from Solfais crater, you might face pretty tough mobs, and might revive in Solfais again, therefore the way from shinook, with the little bonus that you run faster than you swim)

New Switzerland 12147 39563

Oshiri Hearts 7042 39000

For Nate Valley you should start in Palms Corner. Then run south, avoid the Land Areas when you can, best you use the gaps in between them and make a big circle around anything that looks hostile.
From Nate Valley to Reis Defense you should avoid the LAs and mobs as well when you can.

Nate Valley 19899 8599

Rei’s Defense 20303 4604

Sakura City 23226 5650

Teleporter Gathering Guide

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13 Teleporters, (“tp” for short)

To activate the Teleporter just walk into it, stand close to the light and rightclick at it. Once activated (means you see it on your map as blue dot), you can teleport back to it from any other Teleporter.

Unfortunately the only option you have is to run to all the tps but 3 (Port Atlantis, New Oxford, and Treasure Island Castle) to activate them.

It will save a lot of time if you collect all the tps, or at least those which are near the locations you want to hunt or mine.

To teleport, walk into the tp and rightclick at it. The map will open. You select the tp at or near the location you want to go, click at teleport you arrive there in a few seconds (or minutes if the lag is high).
If you want to teleport to the other continent (you can’t run there) walk into a tp, and click change continent choose one of the tps there, and teleport to it.

This are the tp coordinates for Eudoria, with a way explanation. I suggest you follow that way, because you can find you at a stuck outpost very soon, if you don’t. If you have too much problems send me a message and I see what I can do to take you there.

X (increases by moving east) Y (increases by moving north)

Port Atlantis 6055 8442
Port Atlantis Mall (top level) 5859 8374
Billy’s Spaceship Afterworld8127 10542
Orthos West Mound 6379 12144
Camp Phoenix 9790 10583
Zychion Citadel 10850 9676

East Scylla Mountains13812 9114
now you head south east too the beach. Beware of atrax there, after some time you head north east to

Twin Peaks 17032 8096

Twin Peaks Mall (top level) 16814 8372

start at scylla again and run south to

Fort Troy 13353 3962
from east Scylla now to
Jason Centre 14454 10864

from phoenix or Zychion (beware the fishes in the lake)
run north to the coast and follow the river then to

Limnidan District 12107 12070

Fort Fury 11080 13230

Fort Medusa 12634 13602

Atlas Haven 12388 15845
Atlas Island North 12582 17214

NEVER head north from here, after some time there comes a hard stucking outpost
now you run south west, to the coast, follow it to
Atlas Island South 10534 14934

Tethy’s Creek 10484 15933

Now head west, and a bit north if possible, if you are killed don’t care, it is quite easy to escape those outposts there, run to

Hadesheim Outpost 7669 15970

Hadesheim South 6910 16467

Hadesheim Centre 7126 17092

Hadesheim East 8080 17347
Now it will be a bit critical, run north and a bit east, if you are killed and come to a outpost north of Hadesheim quite everything is alright, make it to the beach and head (swim mainly) to

Cape Corinth 3330 21019
then run and swim north east, the more north you reach the next island the better, after you reached it head to

Fort Ithaca 9127 22353

Fort Argus 15206 23532
you can try a breaktrough to
Camp Echidna 17950 19639
but can also try it from pandora later

again don’t run south from Argus, especially not south west, head to the east to the houses there, where you can be killed, then head NE to the river, and either be killed or press T and click yes and wait 60 seconds, and you arrive in
Fort Zeus 22466 27705

North Space Base 24493 28912
Next can be critical, try to reach the ocean in the east, then head south to

Camp Caravan 24014 23520
swim south to

Minopolis 25488 17486

the direct way can be very hard, so you can also try to reach the ocean and swim south most of the way

Nymphtown 24900 12416

from Atlas Haven to

Fort Ares 14478 14399

Aegis Mound 14400 16187

Chimera Canyons15595 16324
the 2 most critical at the end
first Pandora, easiest from twin up the desert, or from Ares if you run west to the desert and then north tp

Fort Pandora 19650 15380
from here you can another run for Echidna too


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Mindforce is an activity in the game that allows you to use Mind Essence, together with an implant and a Mindforce Chip, to perform various tasks such as Sweating, Teleporting, Healing, etc.


In order to become a MindForcer and harness the great power of MindForce, one will need the following gear :

  • NeoPsion Implant – This gives you the ability to use MindForce chips. You only need to insert one implant in order to use any MindForce chip(s) that is within the specified level range of the implant.
  • Payn-Inc Implant Inserter
  • MindForce Chip
  • Mind Essence


The Implant Inserter will help you to insert a new NeoPsion Implant in your brain. It contains a powerful disinfectant and it costs roughly 2.00 PED per use. You only need to use this for inserting implants, which does not have to be done often.

The decay for NeoPsion Implants is rather low (roughly 0.01 PED per use).

NeoPsion Implants

11 NeoPsion Implants are known to exist. Each one supports a fixed chip level interval.

  • NeoPsion Implant AA (Level 1-3)
  • NeoPsion Implant AB (Level 3-7)
  • NeoPsion Implant AC (Level 4-7)
  • NeoPsion Implant AD (Level 4-8)
  • NeoPsion Implant AE (Level 2-8)
  • NeoPsion Implant AF (Level 4-10)
  • NeoPsion Implant AG (Level 3-10)
  • NeoPsion Implant BA (Level 1-3)
  • NeoPsion Implant BB (Level 1-5)
  • NeoPsion Implant BC (Level 1-7)
  • NeoPsion Implant BD (Level 1-9)

MindForce Chips

There are 10 chip levels, but only 8 are known so far :

  • Lesser (I)
  • Minor (II)
  • Medium (III)
  • Moderate (IV)
  • Good (V)
  • Potent (VI)
  • Strong (VII)
  • Powerful (VIII)
  • ???? (IX)
  • ???? (X)

The higher the level, the higher the skills you will need in order to use the chip. Additionally, a higher level chip needs a higher upkeep in terms of decay and/or Mind Essence required.

In order to increase efficiency and reduce costs, you should become a Mindforce specialist in one of the following skills:

  • Biotropy (healing, reviving)
  • Psychotropy (mind-related spells)
  • Pyrotropy (fiery spells)

Now here’s a list of the (known) chips.

NOTE: The decay was changed recently, thus some of the statistics below may be incorrect.

Focus Chip (Psychotropy)

  • Type: Support Chip
  • Description: Recommended for cheap skilling. Focus Chips allow you to give an avatar Focus Charges. Each Focus Charge allows an avatar to keep concentrated while getting hit.
Focus Chip Range Effect ME Decay
Lesser 10 2 Charges 1 0.04 PED
Minor 10 4 Charges 1 0.04 PED
Medium 14 8 Charges 1 0.04 PED
Moderate 16 12 Charges 1 0.05 PED
Good 20 16 Charges 1 0.05 PED
Potent 35 19 Charges 1 0.05 PED

Heal Chip (Biotropy)

  • Type: Healing Chip
  • Description: Beginners, keep out. Its low range and its slow reload (which is characteristic of Mindforce) make a FAP way more useful.
Heal Chip Range Effect ME Decay
Lesser 10 + 16 HP 1 0.06 PED
Minor 15 + 24 HP 1 0.06 PED
Medium 19 + 32 HP 2 0.06 PED
Moderate 19 + 38 HP 2 0.07 PED
Good 20 + 44 HP 3 0.08 PED
Potent 35 + 50 HP 3 0.10 PED

Nerve Blast Chip (Psychotropy)

  • Type: Low-level Offensive Chip
  • Description: Recommended for Psychotropy skilling if you don’t feel like bubbling noobs for ages. You will need a bigger load of Mind Essence, but you will get less decay, and at least you might get something back if you are planning to hunt with it.
Nerve Blast Chip Range Effect ME Decay
Lesser 35 16 Electric 4 0.01 PED
Minor 50 32 Electric 5 0.01 PED
Medium 60 36 Electric 5 0.01 PED
Moderate 60 39 Electric 5 0.02 PED
Good 80 42 Electric 5 0.02 PED
Potent 80 45 Electric 5 0.02 PED

Firestorm Chip (Pyrotropy)

  • Type: High-level Offensive Chip
  • Very expensive, but very powerful as well. You will need good Pyrotropy skills in order to use it.
Firestorm Chip Range Effect ME Decay
Moderate 100 140 Burn 12 0.18 PED
Good 103 168 Burn 15 0.21 PED
Potent 105 199 Burn 19 0.2x PED
Strong 1xx 2xx Burn 2x 0.2x PED
Powerful 115 296 Burn 28 0.3x PED

Revival Chip (Biotropy)

  • Type: Resurrection Chip
  • Details: The Revival Chip allows you to revive a dead avatar whose corpse is still within reach. Its range is next to nil and it is very expensive. Make sure you have good Biotropy skills for this one as well.
Revival Chip Range Effect ME Decay
Powerful 3 Resurrection 103 ??

Teleport Chip (Psychotropy)

  • Type : Teleportation Chip (d’oh)
  • The Teleport Chip is expensive and very unaccurate unless your Psychotropy skills are awesome. It might come in handy if you feel like you are tough, though.
Teleport Chip Range Effect ME Decay TP’s Home
Lesser 800 Teleportation 9 0.02 PED Never
Minor 1600 Teleportation 22 ??? Never
Medium 3300 Teleportation 56 ??? Yes
Moderate 4900 Teleportation 82 ??? Yes
Good 7200 Teleportation 118 ??? Yes
Potent 9900 Teleportation 178 ??? Yes
Strong 14000 Teleportation 234 ??? Yes

Wormhole Chip (Psychotropy)

  • Type: Mass Teleportation Chip
  • Details: The Wormhole Chip is nothing more than a disguised Level 8 Teleport Chip. You will need an extremely large amount of Mind Essence in order to cast it. If you are successful, a vortex will spawn on another avatar for a few seconds. Anyone may travel using the vortex as long as it is active. Requires extremely high Psychotropy skills.

Note : You cannot open a vortex between two continents. With a whopping 3600 average in Mindforce skills, one’s Chance of Success is still “Poor”. If you fail to create a Wormhole, you will not waste any Mind Essence. However, your Wormhole Chip will decay.

Wormhole Chip Range Effect ME Decay
Powerful N/A Vortex 678 ???


Below is a list of skills one can earn through the profession of MindForce:

  • Attributes
    • Intelligence
    • Psyche
  • Domains
    • Biotropy
    • Psychotropy
    • Pyrotropy
  • Mindforce Skills
    • Anatomy
    • Bravado
    • Concentration
    • Courage
    • Dexterity
    • Inflict Ranged Damage
    • Ranged Damage Assessment
    • Serendipity
    • Power Catalyst

Gold Card

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What is a Gold Card?

The Entropia Universe Gold Card System offers an access system equal to high-security online banks. The participant uses a smart card based membership-card and a portable stand-alone reader, which will generate One Time Passwords as a compliment to their current static password. The system adds an ultra-secure layer to the already high security of the Entropia Universe.

The Gold Card also protects your Entropia Universe account in the event of a virus infection or password sniffer software existing in your computer.

How do I get one?

You can acquire the virtual Gold Card from the Entropia Universe Trade Terminal: Real World Item section. The cost is 200 PED, including world-wide shipping. When your order is received, the smart card and reader will be sent to your address as stated in the account section.

BE SURE to verify that your account mailing address is accurate before you order a Gold Card.

How do I use my Gold Card?

First you need to activate your card. This is performed by logging on to the Entropia Universe site: http://www.entropiauniverse.com. Choose ‘my account’ and follow the link provided there. Type the Gold Card number, which is found on the back of the card, into the field and press ‘submit’.

NOTE: Once you have activated your card, you will never again be able to log into that account in Entropia Universe without having the Gold Card. See below for process to permanently disable the Gold Card on your account.

Once you have activated your Gold Card you can login to the Entropia Universe by using your regular password and login. A new window will appear, where you need to type the One Time password which you generate by inserting the smart card into the reader.

De-Activating Your Gold Card

Since the Gold Card System is meant to offer you the highest security possible, it cannot be removed unless you send MindArk a copy of your passport or other internationally aknowledged identification document to verify yourself as the true holder of the Entropia Universe account. See the Entropia Universe Support site for further details.


  • Error 72
The Error 72 appears when the reader cannot read the card properly. This may be due to several reasons. Please try to gently clean the card (as you would clean a credit card). If you still receive the same message, it could be that the battery has run low or that the reader is simply broken. For advice on how to proceed, please contact the Entropia Universe Support Department.
  • I have generated too many passwords with my Gold Card and now I am unable to login
Please generate two consecutive passwords with your Gold Card and add these passwords in a Support Case. Please do NOT generate any further passwords until MindArk has synchronized your Gold Card.
  • I’ve Lost My Card
If you lose your Gold Card, MindArk will de-activate your Gold Card (see above) to enable you to buy a new card. Please note that the Gold Card should be seen as a valuable item so it is your responsibility to treat it accordingly.
  • My Account Mailing Address Was Incorrect
Since it is your responsibility to ensure that your account information is correct and up-to-date before you apply for a Gold Card Membership, the Entropia Universe Support cannot help you further. If the parcel is returned to sender, MindArk will de-register the Gold Card from your account. After you have updated your account information, you will need to buy a new Gold Card.

Security Issues

  • Why does the Gold Card system not guarantee the safety of the Entropia Universe Support Section?
The Gold Card System offers a security system which protects your Entropia Universe account. However, it is not (and it was never intended to be) a protection against general attacks on your computer. It is your own responsibility to protect your computer. Even if someone manages to get hold of your account information via the Support Section, this information will not help him/her further once you have an activated Gold Card.
  • Who guarantees the safety of my Entropia Universe Account?
As the holder of the Entropia Universe account, you are responsible for all activities connected to this account. Upon completing the registration process, you will receive a login and password which constitute your account. Your account is uniquely associated with your participation. All of your access to the system will be through this account. To avoid misuse of your account, it is vital that you keep the account information to yourself.
Never reveal your password or login to anyone and please note that MindArk PE AB will Never ask you for such information!
Should you receive an Email, which asks you to reveal your account information, please ignore it as it most certainly is a scam attempt.
Many people claim that they have the ultimate program for guaranteed fortune in mining, promising great rewards while hunting and similar over-the-top stories. Many such programs infect your computer with viruses, ‘Trojan horses’, or key loggers (a program that records your key strokes and thereby collects your login and password). Such programs could be very hard to detect since they are often contained within files that are attached to other files, which you download.
It is recommended to change your password from time to time (see below). Further protection can also be achieved by installing a firewall and by regularly scanning the computer for viruses and other suspicious programs. Avoid the use of third party programs. Should you still feel insecure, maybe you should consider buying a Gold Card.

Animal Taming

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Animal taming is a skill related to an avatar’s ability of Taming animals and take control over some of their actions. This is accomplished by whipping a mob with a whip and then feeding it a minimum of 200 nutrio bars, if you feed it less than 200 it will still not obey your commands. While whipped the mob takes damage, decreases the mob’s spirit and increases its respect. This is shown by a set of 3 coloured bars above the mob, with the spirit and respect bar above the health bar.

Attempting to Tame

While taming a mob it may happen that a harder hit will kill the mob, this being the case, the mob can be looted. If the avatar is hit while the mob is being tamed then the respect level will decrease. The spirit bar as the health bar represent a progress in the taming process. Some mobs loose their health faster than their spirit, with others the order is reversed. It can take several whipping sessions for the mob to become tame. Be sure that you do not kill the mob while whipping it and let it regenerate health if needed without allowing it to hit you.

If the conditions are correct, then by using the Attempt tame action from the Actions book the mob will stop attacking and can be fed the nutrio bar. It is recommended to use at least 110 nutrio, less will result in a failure, more can be lost in case of a failed tame. For best results, put the Attempt tame action and the nutrio bars on the quick bar.

Caring for your Pet

After you tame the mob, it becomes a pet. It has 3 bars above the head indicating trust, energy and health. You can use a brush to increase a mob’s trust and encourage it to make complex tricks. The mob can be ordered to move to a new location and perform tricks or greetings. This increases the mob’s experience points. If Logging out or leaving an area, it is recommended that you stable the pet, by using the Stable Keeper NPC. This is done by bringing the mob into a stable and ordering the mob the stable action. A loot window will appear showing you a pet deed consisting of a pod and a miniature mob on its surface. All the pet’s related info can be accessed on the deed. You can trade the pet deed in a PvP Trade.

If you refuse or forget to feed the pet, it will desert you. The pet requires different amounts of food depending on the state and current activity. One energy point corresponds to one nutrio bar. When dismissing the pet, all the nutrio that was not used as energy, returns to the owner in the form of PED, with each point of energy worth 1 PEC. You can tame as many pets as you desire and own any number of them, however, the number of pets you man control at one point in the stable is defined by your Animal Handler skill, and the number of pets you can control in the field is defined by your Animal Tamer skill.

With the current taming systems, when you begin you will only be able to tame Snablesnots (both Male and Female), unless you have very high skills on other areas that are related to taming. When your animal tamer profession level increases, you will be able to tame Exarosaur and Daikibas in addition to higher maturity creatures.


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What is a Healer/Medic?

While it sounds like a silly question thats self explanatory it needs to be addressed. A Healer or Medic is someone who has chosen to skill in the Paramedic Profession.

What skills contribute to the Parmedic profession?

The following skills are involved with this profession.

Hidden Skill?      Skill      
No Intelligence
No Dexterity
Yes Serendipity
No Anatomy
No Diagnosis
Yes Doctor
No First Aid
Yes Medical Therapy
Yes Medicine
Yes Treatment

Hidden skills for this profession are unclocked when you reach a certain level or number of skill points.

Each Skill has a varying % effect on your Paramedic Profession

Why Skill as a Paramedic?


First Aid Pack, ANY Healing Device (exception of Mindforce chips) is often phrased as a FAP

There are 2 Main reasons for someone to skill as a Paramedic, but one of the two is seen as the Majority reason.

1)For Personal Use:

This is the most common cause for people to skill in Paramedic. Skilling for personal use allows you obviously to use better “Faps” with greater heals in the persuate of self preservation on calaypso. The primary type of avatar to skill for personal use is a HUNTER.

2)To Offer Services:

This is considered the Primary reason for a Avatar to skill Heavily in Paramedic. A sufficeintly skilled avatar with the right equipment can hire out there Healing services to medium to high level hunters.

What do i need to become a Healer?

Healing chip Method:

Mindforce implant Heal Chip Mind essence Implant inserter (for the implant)

The mindforce implant you need will vary on the level of the healing chip. for a lesser/minor Healing chip a Aa Implant from the Trade terminal is sufficent.

Buy a implant inserter from the trade terminal and use it to insert the implant into your avatars head. Once inserted sell the inserter to the terminal as you have no further need for it.

Put the Healing chip in your personal inventory, and maybe bind it to a key for ease of access.

Buy mind essence, the fuel for the chip and place this in your personal inventory.

Now your good to go!!!

Fap Method:

A Fap 🙂

Suprisingly… all you need is the correct Fap for your level. Bought from other players or the auction. Or even if your skilled enough to craft them… make your own.

Place it in your eprsonal inventory, and again its advised to bind it to a key for ease of access

Understanding Your Fap/Heal Chip

CHip picture to come: morbid Image:VIVO EXPLAINED.JPG

There are 4 possible responses youll see on a item under the “Learning Period” section to determine if you get a SIB.

You do still get a SIB with this item
This item doesnt carry a SIB
Not Anymore
You have maxed the SIB learning on this item and need to move onto the next level item to receive a SIB again
Not Yet
You will get a SIB with this item but you havent achieved the level required to use this item or get the SIB

Note: Once the SIB bonus is no longer active on your item e.g it reads not anymore, you can still freely use this item just without the bonus. Note: On non SIB FAP’s the recommended level will be 0. Learning peroid will be Never. However, the Heal Range and Heal interval are still reflective of your ability with the FAP.

Important: Most items that carry a SIB are Limited (L) and cannot be repaired with exception to the Trade Terminal (TT) starter items e.g. Vivo T1

Professional standings and SIB equipment

To look at all of your professional standings and their current levels, open your Actions Book ingame (default key “X”). In this book you will find the star-symbol icon to gain access to the Professional Standings overview. Professional standings relate to the skills you acquire when acting in Entropia. All skills relate to certain professions, and all skills add to your levels with different impact. From this you can view the level of the professions you need to use your SIB equipment Image:Prof_stand.JPGProfessional Standings

How to skill in Paramedic

There are 3 main ways to skill in paramedic:

1)Self Use: During your wanderings aorund Entropia hunting and mining, using a SIB Fap when you need to heal yourself or team mates provides a slow steady method to skill Paramedic.
2)Freebie Faps: A favourite and common pastime for people skilling paramedic especially at low levels (under lvl 11) is to hang around respawns where theres a high death and spawn rate.
For example, Swamp Sweat camp, and heal players as they revive, this is a great way to skill paramedic but you bare the burden of all the decay cost same as the self use method of skilling.
3)Fapping service: This is the least costly for you since your employer will be paying for your decay but this method only really works at lvl 10 upwards because the sk20 (lvl 9, maxed lvl 11)would offer at half complete.. 20-30 heals.
This i consider to be the minimum lvl fap to use for a fapping service,as maxed its heals range 25-35 and is considered a good starting service fap. (This stems from my own experiences offering a service with this fap)

How do i know if my FAP has a SIB (Skill Increase Bonus)

If your not sure what a SIB IS please read *Comprehensive_SIB_Guide

Using this chart tiless made you can see each level required to use the next FAP or Heal Chip.

NOTE: With the exception of the Vivo T1 and Mindforce Healing Chips, ONLY (L) Items on the chart hold a SIB

First Aid First Aid

Fapping Service Etiquette

1)Agree the terms before you start, eg if you get a % of globals or hofs, any fees + decay inc or exc markup
2)Show all your faps to your employer before starting and note the combined TT value
3)IF your Faps are (L) Limited items, come to and agreement with your employer if they’re paying the markup costs or not for new faps… mainly you dont add the markup cost of the fap
4)When fapping stay close to your employer and stay behind him out of his way.
5)Dont go wandering and attract more mobs to your employer, chances are youll die because of this and lose their business.
6)At the end of your employment trade window the same faps to the employer so he can see the decay and pay accordingly.
7)The most important rule is this….. DONT FAP WHAT ISNT NEEDED!

E.G IF hes taken 10hp dmg approx and your fap heals 25-35 hp… dont fap unless u have to. Wait until hes around 25-30hp lost then fap. This ensures you dont fap unecesserily and create more decay than’s needed.

Remember hes paying for your service… notto be ripped off. IF you obide by this rule the chances are he’ll use you in the future.



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Crafting is the activity of building, constructing and tailoring things in Entropia Universe. It involves taking raw materials (usually found through hunting or mining) and crafting them into a product (like weapons, armor, clothing, furniture). Crafting is considered to be the most expensive profession because of the large quantity of materials you end up purchasing. It is especially expensive for players that are just starting out. Crafting is also the most skill-dependent profession (the more crafting skill points you have – the better the product).

While being an expensive and difficult career path, it is also an essential part of the survival and productivity of the entire community on Calypso. Without craftsmen, miners would have to struggle extracting large deposits with Trade Terminal extractors. Hunters would have to sacrifice the possibility of skill bonuses and use out-of-range weapons. And there would be no furniture to decorate our homes and apartments with, or shelves to display our product on in our stores.


The crafting process is actually quite simple. You will need: a blueprint (commonly abbreviated to ‘bp’), and the resources described in that particular blueprint (note that all resources are in refined format).

You will always need a matching blueprint book for all your blueprints. All your weapon blueprints will need to be stored in a ‘weapon blueprint book’, all your armor blueprints will have to be stored in a ‘armor blueprint book’, etc… Without a blueprint book, manufacturing terminals will not operate.

Blueprints and blueprint books are purchased and sold separately. Drag the blueprint into the book. When you Double-Click the book, it will open. You can then look at each individual blueprint by Right-Clicking on it. A blueprint will show you which materials you will need in order to manufacture the item and it will also show you its quality rating. This quality rating has influence of your chance of success (your ability to manufacture the item). Your quality rating increases as you accumulate more manufacturing skill points.

One of the main skills involved in crafting is Engineering (found under the “Science” category). Engineering increases the TT value of the items you craft. For example, if the item you construct is worth 1 PED with low skills in engineering, with high skills you might be able to construct the same item but which is worth 10 PED (or more).

If you are a beginner craftsman, it is ideal to stick with one area of crafting. It is most common to begin with components. The reason for this is that you will be able to progress quicker in one area of crafting, while simultaneously building up your overall crafting skills. Begin with Basic Filters (this blueprint can be bought from technician NPCs). Basic Filters require only one Oil and one Lysterium ingot, which makes each crafting attempt cost only 0.05 PED. You will be able to build up your crafting skills very quickly this way. The other areas of crafting are:

  1. Weapons – craft handguns, rifles and swords
  2. Components – craft wires, sensors, etc…
  3. Armor – craft armor parts
  4. Attachments – craft laser sights, amplifiers and scopes
  5. Furniture – craft beds, chairs, etc…
  6. Clothes – craft shirts, pants, hats and shoes
  7. Tools – craft mining tools, scanners and medical equipment

How it works

Once you have your blueprint (in your blueprint book) and all the required materials you’ll need to find a construction machine. There are different construction machines out there, but they will all work for any type of blueprint. For example, you could using a tailoring machine to make weapons. Come up to the machine and Right-Click it. A crafting window will come up.

Your inventory will be automatically opened as well. Double-click your blueprint book, select the blueprint you want to use, and click on it (or drag it to the machine). It will be placed into the blueprint slot of the manufacturing machine. The height of the Success Rate bar will show you your chance of success (commonly referred to as ‘cos’). Needless to say, the higher your chance of success – the better.

The names of the needed resources will be written in the machine as well. Drag them from your inventory into the ingredients window. Next you can choose between ‘quantity’ and ‘quality’. Quality raises the quality rating of the blueprint faster. The chance of success is lower (especially when you’re a beginner), but if you are successful, your item will have a higher TT value. Then you click manufacture over and over again until you have used up all your resources.

After you attempt to craft an item you may encounter one of the following situations:

Crafting success rate based on estimations provided by ETOPIA


Crafting success rate based on estimations provided by ETOPIA

  • Success: You get the item(s) provided by your blueprint, residue, sometimes new blueprints and sometimes precious stones.
  • No success: You don’t get the item(s) you wanted, but either gain resources back, so you don’t loose all of the ones requested by the blueprint, or you get residue back. If you get resources back you can use them for more crafting attempts. Residue can be put into the resource window too, and is used to increase the TT value of the (non stackable) items to roughly the same value as the residue. This is usually done with limited items, but can also used for “regular” items like weapons.
  • Failure: You have failed to manufacture the item and your resources are lost.

After some attempts you will receive metal or matter residue. Metal and matter residue is only useful in further crafting processes. This residue helps increase your item’s condition. When you place the residue in the materials slot, any conditioned item that succeeds will use the residue to improve its condition. Thus items that are limited (L) would require a lot of residue if the manufacturing process is not set to ‘Quality’.

Sometimes you may also receive a new blueprint after a manufacturing attempt. What blueprint you get is determined randomly (or by some secret formula which nobody knows about). Most of the time it will be a blueprint in the same area as you are crafting in (weapon blueprints won’t appear while crafting armor, only other armor blueprints may appear).

Chance of Success

The chance of success (cos) refers to your ability to manufacture the item and is based on the amount of skill points you have in various manufacturing skill areas. Your chance of success increases with more skill points and the blueprint quality rating. The image on the right shows a carefully calculated estimation of your chance of success according to the chance of success bar in the manufacturing window.

Chance of success measures your ability to get some back in return. As you gain more skills in manufacturing you can begin to move the quantity/quality bar to the right, giving your items a higher value. Just like in other professions, this allows more skilled players to manufacture more valuable items and generate more profit.

Blueprint Quality Rating

Each blueprint has its own quality rating. Blueprint quality rating increases your chance of success. Based on latest tests your blueprint quality rating increases will skill levels. The numbers below show how the quality rating increases, and how the increase will slow down over time. These numbers were generated with a Basic Damper blueprint and based on tests with a batch of 5000 Lysterium and 10000 Oil. 3 Basic Damper blueprints were raised until they had 100% quality rating.

Batch Number From To
1 Blueprint QR 0 44.5
2 Blueprint QR 44.5 58.6
3 Blueprint QR 58.6 65.4
4 Blueprint QR 65.4 73.6
5 Blueprint QR 73.6 80.0
6 Blueprint QR 80.0 83.9
7 Blueprint QR 83.9 87.4
8 Blueprint QR 87.4 90.1
9 Blueprint QR 90.1 93.0
10 Blueprint QR 93.0 96.6
11 Blueprint QR 96.6 98.6
12 Blueprint QR 98.6 100
Batch Number From To
1 Blueprint QR 0 44.4
2 Blueprint QR 44.4 56.7
3 Blueprint QR 56.7 67.0
4 Blueprint QR 67.0 73.1
5 Blueprint QR 73.1 80
6 Blueprint QR 80 83.9
7 Blueprint QR 83.9 87.5
8 Blueprint QR 87.5 90.9
9 Blueprint QR 90.9 93.9
10 Blueprint QR 93.9 97.0
11 Blueprint QR 97.0 100
Batch Number From To
1 Blueprint QR 0 44.7
2 Blueprint QR 44.7 59.6
3 Blueprint QR 59.6 67.8
4 Blueprint QR 67.8 73.8
5 Blueprint QR 73.8 79.0
6 Blueprint QR 79.0 82.7
7 Blueprint QR 82.7 87.2
8 Blueprint QR 87.2 91.2
9 Blueprint QR 91.2 93.3
10 Blueprint QR 93.3 96.1
11 Blueprint QR 96.1 98.6
12 Blueprint QR 98.6 100

Strategies & Tips

  • When manufacturing armor don’t forget about the ‘male’ – ‘female’ selection. Female armors are generally most valuable because there are fewer female avatars in the game and therefore fewer female items manufactured. For the same reason, however, it will be a lot harder to sell the armor, and many F items are sold for close to TT value out of desperation.
  • Start with something that won’t require many resources and preferably resources that cheap as well (eg. basic filters, basic dampers). The problem is that basic filters are of no use to most people, so you will most likely have to sell them to Trade Terminal. In fact, most armors and weapons are hard to sell because the ones found in the Trade Terminal are better than anything that you’ll be able to manufacture. Manufacturing cheap items is a great way to build up skill points.
  • It is recommended that you manufacture cheap items and build up skill points until you get a message that says you have unlocked a new skill called “Blueprint Comprehension”. This will also contribute to increasing your chance of success.
  • If you would like to be skilled in tailoring only, you should begin with Basic Pattern Pants and Shirts and then move on to Reilly Boots.
  • Later when you have developed enough skills in crafting, you can use the slider which mentions ” Quality Or Quantity” to manipulate and create more items of less initial quality or less items of more initial quality.

Items Used

Items are listed in the Industry they are used in.

  • Crafting
    • Blueprint Books
    • Blueprints
    • Timber
    • Resources
      • Enmatter: Alicenies Gel. Angelic Flake. Ares Powder. Binary Energy. Dunkel Plastix. Garcen Lubricant. Light Liquid. Lytairian Powder. Magerian Spray. Melchi Crystal. Oil. Pearl Sand. Putty. Root Acid. Solis Paste. Typonolic Gas.
      • Ore: Alferix ingot. Azzurdite ingot. Belkar ingot. Blausariam ingot. Caldorite ingot. Cobalt ingot. Copper ingot. Cumbriz ingot. Dianum ingot. Durulium ingot. Erdorium ingot. Frigulite ingot. Gazzurdite ingot. Gold ingot. Ignisium ingot. Iron ingot. Kanerium ingot. Kirtz ingot. Langotz ingot. Lanorium ingot. Lysterium ingot. Maganite ingot. Megan ingot. Narcanisum ingot. Niksarium ingot. Petonium ingot. Platinum ingot. Quantium ingot. Rugaritz ingot. Terrudite ingot. Tridenite ingot. Valurite ingot. Xeremite ingot. Zinc ingot


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Using Blueprints and special Material Extractors, Material Textures can be manufactured in the Manufacturing Terminals from a range of well known minerals, precious stones, animal skins and more.

The Material Textures Blueprint Book is used to store the necessary Blueprints.

Activate a Manufacturing Terminal by right clicking the terminal and choosing Operate from the interaction menu.

Open your Material Textures Blueprint Book and double click the Blueprint of the Material Texture you wish to manufacture.

Add the necessary listed materials from your inventory to the designated area in the machines manufacturing panel. A list of necessay materials can be found in the Blueprint’s item info. Adjust the Quality/Condition slider for desired results.

Click ‘Manufacture’ to begin producing.

To customize a piece of clothing with your new Material Texture:

Equip your Texturizer tool and activate it by pressing the left mouse button. Texturizer tools can be manufactured using blueprints and ingredients, bought from the auction, from colonist shops or through direct trade with another avatar.

The Texturizer Panel will Apper.

Add your customizable piece of clothing (customizable objects are recognized by having a capital C in the upper left area of their item icons or at the end of their titles e.g. Radar Jack (M, C)) to the designated area in the Texturizer Panel.

Before adding new textures to already customized garments, you need to remove existing Material Texture(s) from a clothing item. For this you will need to attach a Material Texture Bleacher to your Texturizer tool. Once acquired, simply drag the attachment onto your tool in the Inventory. A bleaching option will then be available on the Texturizer panel when you activate your Texturizer tool.

Add your newly manufactured Material Texture to the desired customizable Field on the Texturizer panel.

Your Success Rate (based on your avatar’s skills and the amount of Material Texture added) is displayed below the customizable Field. A full green bar indicates a high Success Rate, while a small red bar indicates a low Success Rate.

You may also adjust the saturation level of your new Material Texture in the piece of clothing by adjusting the slider below the Success Rate indicator.

Once satisfied press ‘Apply’ to complete the procedure. The Material Texture resources will be consumed and results will be displayed in a new panel along with any monetary compensation for the amount of resources consumed.

Colors & Dyes

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In order to color a customizable piece of clothing (customizable objects are recognized by having a capital C in the upper left area of its item icon or at the end of its title e.g. Radar Jack (M, C)) you will need colored Paint Cans, and a Colorator tool.

Equip your Colorator tool by right clicking it in your Inventory and choosing Equip from the interaction menu. Once equipped, activate it by pressing the left mouse button. Colorator tools can be manufactured using blueprints and raw materials, bought from the auction, from colonist shops or through direct trade with another avatar.

The Colorator Panel Will Apper

Add your customizable piece of clothing to the designated area in the Colorator Panel.

If you wish to color an already colored garment, you need to remove existing color(s) from the garment first. For this you will need to attach a Color Bleaching Addition to your Colorator tool. Once acquired, simply drag the attachment onto your tool in the inventory. A bleaching option will then be available on the Colorator panel when you activate your Colorator tool. Add the colored Paint to the desired customizable field on the Colorator Panel.

Your ability to apply different colors will depend on your Colorer skills. You can check your current avatar skills in the Avatar Skills Panel. Check the item info for different Paint Cans to see skill requirements and recommendations.

Your Success Rate (based on your avatar’s skills and amount of Paint Cans added) is displayed below the customizable field. A full green bar indicates a high Success Rate, while a small red bar indicates a low Success Rate.

You may also adjust the saturation level of your new Color in the piece of clothing by adjusting the slider below the Success Rate indicator.

Once satisfied press ‘Apply’ to complete the procedure. The Paint resources will be consumed and results will be displayed in a new panel along with any monetary compensation for the amount of resources consumed.

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