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What is a Healer/Medic?

While it sounds like a silly question thats self explanatory it needs to be addressed. A Healer or Medic is someone who has chosen to skill in the Paramedic Profession.

What skills contribute to the Parmedic profession?

The following skills are involved with this profession.

Hidden Skill?      Skill      
No Intelligence
No Dexterity
Yes Serendipity
No Anatomy
No Diagnosis
Yes Doctor
No First Aid
Yes Medical Therapy
Yes Medicine
Yes Treatment

Hidden skills for this profession are unclocked when you reach a certain level or number of skill points.

Each Skill has a varying % effect on your Paramedic Profession

Why Skill as a Paramedic?


First Aid Pack, ANY Healing Device (exception of Mindforce chips) is often phrased as a FAP

There are 2 Main reasons for someone to skill as a Paramedic, but one of the two is seen as the Majority reason.

1)For Personal Use:

This is the most common cause for people to skill in Paramedic. Skilling for personal use allows you obviously to use better “Faps” with greater heals in the persuate of self preservation on calaypso. The primary type of avatar to skill for personal use is a HUNTER.

2)To Offer Services:

This is considered the Primary reason for a Avatar to skill Heavily in Paramedic. A sufficeintly skilled avatar with the right equipment can hire out there Healing services to medium to high level hunters.

What do i need to become a Healer?

Healing chip Method:

Mindforce implant Heal Chip Mind essence Implant inserter (for the implant)

The mindforce implant you need will vary on the level of the healing chip. for a lesser/minor Healing chip a Aa Implant from the Trade terminal is sufficent.

Buy a implant inserter from the trade terminal and use it to insert the implant into your avatars head. Once inserted sell the inserter to the terminal as you have no further need for it.

Put the Healing chip in your personal inventory, and maybe bind it to a key for ease of access.

Buy mind essence, the fuel for the chip and place this in your personal inventory.

Now your good to go!!!

Fap Method:

A Fap 🙂

Suprisingly… all you need is the correct Fap for your level. Bought from other players or the auction. Or even if your skilled enough to craft them… make your own.

Place it in your eprsonal inventory, and again its advised to bind it to a key for ease of access

Understanding Your Fap/Heal Chip

CHip picture to come: morbid Image:VIVO EXPLAINED.JPG

There are 4 possible responses youll see on a item under the “Learning Period” section to determine if you get a SIB.

You do still get a SIB with this item
This item doesnt carry a SIB
Not Anymore
You have maxed the SIB learning on this item and need to move onto the next level item to receive a SIB again
Not Yet
You will get a SIB with this item but you havent achieved the level required to use this item or get the SIB

Note: Once the SIB bonus is no longer active on your item e.g it reads not anymore, you can still freely use this item just without the bonus. Note: On non SIB FAP’s the recommended level will be 0. Learning peroid will be Never. However, the Heal Range and Heal interval are still reflective of your ability with the FAP.

Important: Most items that carry a SIB are Limited (L) and cannot be repaired with exception to the Trade Terminal (TT) starter items e.g. Vivo T1

Professional standings and SIB equipment

To look at all of your professional standings and their current levels, open your Actions Book ingame (default key “X”). In this book you will find the star-symbol icon to gain access to the Professional Standings overview. Professional standings relate to the skills you acquire when acting in Entropia. All skills relate to certain professions, and all skills add to your levels with different impact. From this you can view the level of the professions you need to use your SIB equipment Image:Prof_stand.JPGProfessional Standings

How to skill in Paramedic

There are 3 main ways to skill in paramedic:

1)Self Use: During your wanderings aorund Entropia hunting and mining, using a SIB Fap when you need to heal yourself or team mates provides a slow steady method to skill Paramedic.
2)Freebie Faps: A favourite and common pastime for people skilling paramedic especially at low levels (under lvl 11) is to hang around respawns where theres a high death and spawn rate.
For example, Swamp Sweat camp, and heal players as they revive, this is a great way to skill paramedic but you bare the burden of all the decay cost same as the self use method of skilling.
3)Fapping service: This is the least costly for you since your employer will be paying for your decay but this method only really works at lvl 10 upwards because the sk20 (lvl 9, maxed lvl 11)would offer at half complete.. 20-30 heals.
This i consider to be the minimum lvl fap to use for a fapping service,as maxed its heals range 25-35 and is considered a good starting service fap. (This stems from my own experiences offering a service with this fap)

How do i know if my FAP has a SIB (Skill Increase Bonus)

If your not sure what a SIB IS please read *Comprehensive_SIB_Guide

Using this chart tiless made you can see each level required to use the next FAP or Heal Chip.

NOTE: With the exception of the Vivo T1 and Mindforce Healing Chips, ONLY (L) Items on the chart hold a SIB

First Aid First Aid

Fapping Service Etiquette

1)Agree the terms before you start, eg if you get a % of globals or hofs, any fees + decay inc or exc markup
2)Show all your faps to your employer before starting and note the combined TT value
3)IF your Faps are (L) Limited items, come to and agreement with your employer if they’re paying the markup costs or not for new faps… mainly you dont add the markup cost of the fap
4)When fapping stay close to your employer and stay behind him out of his way.
5)Dont go wandering and attract more mobs to your employer, chances are youll die because of this and lose their business.
6)At the end of your employment trade window the same faps to the employer so he can see the decay and pay accordingly.
7)The most important rule is this….. DONT FAP WHAT ISNT NEEDED!

E.G IF hes taken 10hp dmg approx and your fap heals 25-35 hp… dont fap unless u have to. Wait until hes around 25-30hp lost then fap. This ensures you dont fap unecesserily and create more decay than’s needed.

Remember hes paying for your service… notto be ripped off. IF you obide by this rule the chances are he’ll use you in the future.



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