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Mindforce is an activity in the game that allows you to use Mind Essence, together with an implant and a Mindforce Chip, to perform various tasks such as Sweating, Teleporting, Healing, etc.


In order to become a MindForcer and harness the great power of MindForce, one will need the following gear :

  • NeoPsion Implant – This gives you the ability to use MindForce chips. You only need to insert one implant in order to use any MindForce chip(s) that is within the specified level range of the implant.
  • Payn-Inc Implant Inserter
  • MindForce Chip
  • Mind Essence


The Implant Inserter will help you to insert a new NeoPsion Implant in your brain. It contains a powerful disinfectant and it costs roughly 2.00 PED per use. You only need to use this for inserting implants, which does not have to be done often.

The decay for NeoPsion Implants is rather low (roughly 0.01 PED per use).

NeoPsion Implants

11 NeoPsion Implants are known to exist. Each one supports a fixed chip level interval.

  • NeoPsion Implant AA (Level 1-3)
  • NeoPsion Implant AB (Level 3-7)
  • NeoPsion Implant AC (Level 4-7)
  • NeoPsion Implant AD (Level 4-8)
  • NeoPsion Implant AE (Level 2-8)
  • NeoPsion Implant AF (Level 4-10)
  • NeoPsion Implant AG (Level 3-10)
  • NeoPsion Implant BA (Level 1-3)
  • NeoPsion Implant BB (Level 1-5)
  • NeoPsion Implant BC (Level 1-7)
  • NeoPsion Implant BD (Level 1-9)

MindForce Chips

There are 10 chip levels, but only 8 are known so far :

  • Lesser (I)
  • Minor (II)
  • Medium (III)
  • Moderate (IV)
  • Good (V)
  • Potent (VI)
  • Strong (VII)
  • Powerful (VIII)
  • ???? (IX)
  • ???? (X)

The higher the level, the higher the skills you will need in order to use the chip. Additionally, a higher level chip needs a higher upkeep in terms of decay and/or Mind Essence required.

In order to increase efficiency and reduce costs, you should become a Mindforce specialist in one of the following skills:

  • Biotropy (healing, reviving)
  • Psychotropy (mind-related spells)
  • Pyrotropy (fiery spells)

Now here’s a list of the (known) chips.

NOTE: The decay was changed recently, thus some of the statistics below may be incorrect.

Focus Chip (Psychotropy)

  • Type: Support Chip
  • Description: Recommended for cheap skilling. Focus Chips allow you to give an avatar Focus Charges. Each Focus Charge allows an avatar to keep concentrated while getting hit.
Focus Chip Range Effect ME Decay
Lesser 10 2 Charges 1 0.04 PED
Minor 10 4 Charges 1 0.04 PED
Medium 14 8 Charges 1 0.04 PED
Moderate 16 12 Charges 1 0.05 PED
Good 20 16 Charges 1 0.05 PED
Potent 35 19 Charges 1 0.05 PED

Heal Chip (Biotropy)

  • Type: Healing Chip
  • Description: Beginners, keep out. Its low range and its slow reload (which is characteristic of Mindforce) make a FAP way more useful.
Heal Chip Range Effect ME Decay
Lesser 10 + 16 HP 1 0.06 PED
Minor 15 + 24 HP 1 0.06 PED
Medium 19 + 32 HP 2 0.06 PED
Moderate 19 + 38 HP 2 0.07 PED
Good 20 + 44 HP 3 0.08 PED
Potent 35 + 50 HP 3 0.10 PED

Nerve Blast Chip (Psychotropy)

  • Type: Low-level Offensive Chip
  • Description: Recommended for Psychotropy skilling if you don’t feel like bubbling noobs for ages. You will need a bigger load of Mind Essence, but you will get less decay, and at least you might get something back if you are planning to hunt with it.
Nerve Blast Chip Range Effect ME Decay
Lesser 35 16 Electric 4 0.01 PED
Minor 50 32 Electric 5 0.01 PED
Medium 60 36 Electric 5 0.01 PED
Moderate 60 39 Electric 5 0.02 PED
Good 80 42 Electric 5 0.02 PED
Potent 80 45 Electric 5 0.02 PED

Firestorm Chip (Pyrotropy)

  • Type: High-level Offensive Chip
  • Very expensive, but very powerful as well. You will need good Pyrotropy skills in order to use it.
Firestorm Chip Range Effect ME Decay
Moderate 100 140 Burn 12 0.18 PED
Good 103 168 Burn 15 0.21 PED
Potent 105 199 Burn 19 0.2x PED
Strong 1xx 2xx Burn 2x 0.2x PED
Powerful 115 296 Burn 28 0.3x PED

Revival Chip (Biotropy)

  • Type: Resurrection Chip
  • Details: The Revival Chip allows you to revive a dead avatar whose corpse is still within reach. Its range is next to nil and it is very expensive. Make sure you have good Biotropy skills for this one as well.
Revival Chip Range Effect ME Decay
Powerful 3 Resurrection 103 ??

Teleport Chip (Psychotropy)

  • Type : Teleportation Chip (d’oh)
  • The Teleport Chip is expensive and very unaccurate unless your Psychotropy skills are awesome. It might come in handy if you feel like you are tough, though.
Teleport Chip Range Effect ME Decay TP’s Home
Lesser 800 Teleportation 9 0.02 PED Never
Minor 1600 Teleportation 22 ??? Never
Medium 3300 Teleportation 56 ??? Yes
Moderate 4900 Teleportation 82 ??? Yes
Good 7200 Teleportation 118 ??? Yes
Potent 9900 Teleportation 178 ??? Yes
Strong 14000 Teleportation 234 ??? Yes

Wormhole Chip (Psychotropy)

  • Type: Mass Teleportation Chip
  • Details: The Wormhole Chip is nothing more than a disguised Level 8 Teleport Chip. You will need an extremely large amount of Mind Essence in order to cast it. If you are successful, a vortex will spawn on another avatar for a few seconds. Anyone may travel using the vortex as long as it is active. Requires extremely high Psychotropy skills.

Note : You cannot open a vortex between two continents. With a whopping 3600 average in Mindforce skills, one’s Chance of Success is still “Poor”. If you fail to create a Wormhole, you will not waste any Mind Essence. However, your Wormhole Chip will decay.

Wormhole Chip Range Effect ME Decay
Powerful N/A Vortex 678 ???


Below is a list of skills one can earn through the profession of MindForce:

  • Attributes
    • Intelligence
    • Psyche
  • Domains
    • Biotropy
    • Psychotropy
    • Pyrotropy
  • Mindforce Skills
    • Anatomy
    • Bravado
    • Concentration
    • Courage
    • Dexterity
    • Inflict Ranged Damage
    • Ranged Damage Assessment
    • Serendipity
    • Power Catalyst

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