TP coordinates for Amethera

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Amethera is bigger, and often you find strong creatures there, large areas in Amethera are even PvP zones

Try to stay out of any Land Area during your runs when you can avoid it, else you might face tough mobs.
Generally, avoid any red dot you might encounter and rather try to run around it.

start from Treasure Island Castle (or Oxford, depends on what you like more)

Treasure Island Northern Shores 22973 26510

from Treasure Island Castle 20679 24846

Treasure Island City 18515 21859

Genesis Amethere Headquarters16941 19927

New Oxford 15603 19310

Bilton Towers 14861 18928

Wolverine Hope 21103 17121

from Oxford, stay away from equus

Nea’s Place 12984 10598

Palms Corner 16826 11230

Omegaton West Habitat 10327 10682

Memorial Island 7153 7553

Oyster Isle 4024 9268

Akmuul Island10858 3037

I suggest you come from oyster isle, head as much south west as you can, and just when you’re closer to the island head east again, avoid being killed, especially being killed too much east

Myrene Island 4537 3369

start New Oxford or Bilton towers, north west to

Emerald Lakes 14225 24876

Emerald Lakes Mall (top level) 14220 25115

Shinook Jungle 11504 26040

Solfais Crater 4931 29302

Segna Forest 2384 19012
rather start from Solfais Crater, the route from Oxford can be dangerous

start in Shinook Jungle and head north, there might be Allophyls and Molisks around, so watch your radar, but nothing really dangerous (at least not when I ran the path 😛
if you plan to swim from Solfais crater, you might face pretty tough mobs, and might revive in Solfais again, therefore the way from shinook, with the little bonus that you run faster than you swim)

New Switzerland 12147 39563

Oshiri Hearts 7042 39000

For Nate Valley you should start in Palms Corner. Then run south, avoid the Land Areas when you can, best you use the gaps in between them and make a big circle around anything that looks hostile.
From Nate Valley to Reis Defense you should avoid the LAs and mobs as well when you can.

Nate Valley 19899 8599

Rei’s Defense 20303 4604

Sakura City 23226 5650


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