The Manufacturing Process

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Access the Manufacturing Terminal for the item you wish to manufacture by right clicking on it and choosing Operate from the interaction menu. There are different terminals for weapons manufacturing, tool manufacturing, armor manufacturing, tailoring etc. The terminals are located in all the major settlements on Calypso.

Once you have accessed the correct terminal, the
Manufacturing Panel will appear in green. If you do not have enough, the text will be displayed in red. For clothing and armor, select the gender of the item using the male and female radio buttons on the Manufacturing Panel. To manufacture the item, click the Manufacture button. To start over, choose Clear. To cancel, choose Exit.

On the bottom-left side of the Manufacturing Panel is the success rate indicator. You have the highest rate of success when the bar is full and green. When red, the success rate on the selected item is low, with a scale in between. Higher blueprint Quality Rating and avatar skills will increase the success rate.

The Quantity/Condition slider allows the manufacturer the option of making fewer items with a higher initial condition (which can be important when making ‘Limited’ items) or a larger number of items with a lower condition.

If you have the correct left-over residue from previous manufacturing attempts you may add it to the input materials section in the Manufacturing Panel. Residue will then be used in any following successful attempts to boost the item condition. Residue materials that are not detailed in the blueprint ingredient list cannot be used. Failure when manufacturing an item will not waste residue. The boosted item condition does not contribute to the value when determining a Hall of Fame entry.



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Blueprint Books

Tooltip image

Blueprint Book
Blueprint books are stored in, and accessed from the Inventory.

Blueprint books must be used to store your blueprints. Different books are available for armor, clothing, furniture etc.

After accessing a manufacturing terminal, you will need to open your blueprint book and double click a blueprint in order to load it into the manufacturing terminal.

contain various blueprints within specific categories. Blueprints are used in the manufacturing process. Only blueprints inserted into a Blueprint Book can be used. When you have launched the , you double click the blueprint in the Blueprint Book you wish to use.

The first page of the Blueprint Book is the index, where you can search for blueprints in the book. You can use the free text search area, level search, or use the scroll bar for a complete overview of your blueprints.

As you collect more blueprints in the book its appearance will be enhanced. A Blueprint Book containing blueprints may not be sold or traded.
Manufacturing Panel

Tooltip image

Manufacturing Panel
Accessed by right clicking a Manufacturing Terminal and choosing Operate from the interaction menu.

The Manufacturing Panel is used to set the parameters of your manufacturing attempt.

Double click a blueprint in your Blueprint Book to load it into the Manufacturing Panel. Drag the necessary raw materials from your inventory into the Manufacturing Panel. Set the Quality, Gender and other parameters. Finally, press manufacture to process your request.


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Manufacturing is initiated by right clicking on any of the different Manufacturing Terminals and choosing Operate from the interaction menu. In order to manufacture an item you must first have the appropriate Blueprint and required raw materials. The blueprint Item Info

Basic Blueprints can be bought from Technician NPCs. More advanced Blueprints can be found at the auction. Blueprints must then be stored in special Blueprint Books which are available from the Technician NPC. Blueprints can be stored in Blueprint Books by dragging a blueprint into its appropriate book inside your Inventory

Tooltip image

Default Key: I

Your Inventory is used to store the different items you need to use during your adventures on Calypso. Your items are automatically sorted into compartments like clothing, armor, weapons etc., which can be viewed by clicking the compartment tabs on the right.

The icons in the lower right area can be used to organize your Inventory, display only equipped items, view your avatar or place your avatar in camera focus.

The current weight of your Inventory and your PED account balance are also displayed for convenience. Dont forget that the weight of your Inventory will determine how quickly your avatar can move – something to bear in mind when exploring mutant settlements or dark woods – because there will be times when you want to get moving quickly.


Once you have the Blueprint of the item you wish to manufacture you are ready to begin the manufacturing process.

Raw materials can be mined, bought from the auction or shops, or purchased through direct trade with other avatars. Most raw materials will need to be refined in order to be used in the manufacturing process.


A Refiner tool is used to refine raw materials into useful manufacturing elements, e.g. refining Iron Ore into Iron Ingots. The refiner accepts any number of input materials. When refining, deterioration is calculated on each produced item.

Component Manufacturing Terminal:

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