Troubleshooting installation

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The following is a list of known issues and problems that may cause problems when first setting Entropia Universe.

  • Wireless Connections
Though it is possible to play with a wireless network connection, you may experience problems with Entropia Universe due to the potentially unstable nature of wireless networks. Thus, if you are experiencing problems one of the first things you should check if it the game will work when the computer is connected with a wired connection instead of a wireless connection. If playing with a wired connection works, the solution is often that of disabling and re-enabling the wireless connection, and then taking out the cable.
  • Graphics Drivers
Sometimes, with the latest graphics drivers installed, one may experience problems such as a Crash to Desktop, also known as a CTD. This can sometimes be resolved by installing an older graphics driver. The cause of this problem is usually because the new driver has introduced a new feature or changed an old feature that makes it incompatible. Additionally, since some of the latest updates Entropia Universe now works well with most of the newer drivers, so a Crash To Desktop (CTD in-game) will not always be related to a graphics driver problem.
Turning down the anti-aliasing settings on your graphics card may also help to prevent crashes although this is normally only needed when you experince problems with CTD that happen once the game loads. Recent updates have also allowed you to do toggle this setting through the client loader. Additionally, note that anti-aliasing will increase the load on your graphics card and may cause gameplay to be unreponsive, making you experience the condition otherwise known as lag.
  • Firewalls
Most software firewalls will ask you for access when Entropia Universe tries to access the internet. If you click “Deny access” or similar, you may then need to alter the firewall’s settings to allow Entropia Universe and the Clientloader program to access the Internet. Failing this, you can turn off your firewall(s) and try that. NOTE: Anti-virus software should not matter here so it is okay to leave that on.
  • Authentication
If you receive an error like “Account or Login details Incorrect”, check to see if you can log into the Entropia Universe website. If you can it may be a case of having to validate your account. If this is the case, the problem should be sorted within 24 hours automatically. If the error continues to persist, it is advisable to submit a support case.
If you cannot login into the Entropia Universe website then check to see whether you have the CAPS lock as Entropia Universe will not warn you if you have unlike Microsoft Windows XP.
  • Entropia Universe is down for maintenance or Servers unreachable
This can be either an error relating to your firewall or Entropia Universe’s servers actually being down. You should check the server status on the Clientloader frontpage. If after a few hours you still receive the same message or the server status is reported as 100%, check your firewall settings.

As a last resort, sometimes a full reinstallation of Entropia Universe can resolve certain types of serious problems, such as corrupt files, etc.


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