Team Hunting

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Team hunting is another hunting strategy, but because of its popularity and built in-game features it certainly deserves its own, separate category. Hunting in a team can be very useful for taking down large mobs, but it is also a method of scamming unsuspecting newcomers.

You may be approached by a stranger and asked to join a hunting team. Unsuspecting of the rules of this team you might decide to join and go hunting. You would shoot your gun and use up ammo and not actually get any loot in return because the rules have been set in a way which prevent you from being able to pick anything up. So basically you would be killing the mob for someone else while they get all the profit.

This is why you should always have a look at the loot rules. To do that, press the “Team” button (from the Quickbar or Action Library). When you make your own team, you can set the loot rules yourself. A new window will open with the following options:

  • Damage: Item share – Items are shared based on the relative damage dealt per team member, but every stack, even if the amount is very high (let’s say 1000) counts as one item.
  • Damage: Stack Share – Items are shared based on the relative damage dealt per team member, and every item stack is divided as evenly as possible (let’s say 1000 Animal Hide would be distribute to 500 for you and 500 for your team mate)
  • Damage decides order – Items are shared based on the relative damage dealt per team member. The player that did the most damage to the mob gets the item with the highest value.
  • Looter takes all – The person that clicks on the corpse first picks up the loot. In the case where an avatar is killed in PvP3 – the one who dealt most damage gets the loot.
  • Most damage wins all – The person that did the most damage takes all the loot.
  • Queue – The first member of the team gets the first item, the second person gets the second item, etc… The player who got the last item is remembered and during the next loot the next one will get the next item.
  • Random – Items are distributed randomly.

There has been some speculation to suggest that hunting in a team either helps you accumulate more skill points and/or helps you get higher loot values. This has not been confirmed and at this point should be treated as a myth.

If you are mining while part of a team, the mining claims are not distributed amongst team members. Mining is a purely individual activity. You can still mine for personal benefit while part of a hunting team, although most team members will not be too happy about you spending your time mining while they are doing all the hunting.


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