Strategies for Hunting

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There are a few different strategies and things that you should keep in mind as you hunt. Some are quite obvious, others you will earn from experience. Hunting differs from mining in the sense that hunting is pretty much straight-forward. It’s point-and-shoot and collect your pay. In mining, for instance, it’s more complicated because nobody is really sure when and where to mine and how it all really works.

  • Don’t die. If you die and leave an injured mob behind, you spend unnecessary money, because you don’t even have the chance to loot it. Even if you find it again, it already has regenerated health which means that you will need additional ammo to kill it. If you die press ‘P’ and open the map to see your position so that you can find the injure mob again.
  • Don’t attack mobs that are too tough for you. If you don’t know which mob is too tough, try it once (and only once) and if it kills you make sure you never attack this mob again.
  • Don’t charge into a group of animals. Lure them out one by one starting with the closest one. Trying to attack many mobs at once will be expensive because they will attack you and damage your armor (or even kill you)
  • Use a secondary weapon for finishing kills. There is no need to spend over 10 PEC in ammo and decay for a mob that just has a few HP left. Kill it with a weapon with less decay and ammo burn.
  • A “panic” weapon is a good idea, if you can afford it. This is a weapon with high damage (much higher than your regular weapon) that could keep you alive in critical situation where a large mob suddenly attacks you. This weapon is to be used in dangerous situations only. Using a weapon that is too powerful (more than you can use efficiently with your skill points) is very costly.
  • Find a navigation layout which is comfortable for you to switch between weapons and putting them away so that you don’t accidentally fire a gun in the air.
  • Drag the HP bar of your target to the side by clicking and holding left mouse button at the target, and then move the mouse around. The large health bar is more accurate than the one above the mob and will make it easier for you to tell when you should switch to your secondary weapon.
  • It doesn’t matter where you hit the mob. Don’t aim for the head, or the heart, or the left index finger. Aim right for the middle so that you minimize your chances of missing the mob entirely. You don’t do any more damage by hitting the mob in the head or anywhere else.
  • Don’t hunt near turrets or water, if your mob is killed turrets, it can’t be looted. Mobs can also drown in water, and you won’t be able to loot them either.
  • Try to avoid hunting on hills and in mountains. You will either have to wait until the mob reaches you in order to shoot them (due to visibility) or you’ll waste a lot of ammo trying to hit them while try are charging towards you through holes in the ground.
  • Don’t hunt mobs that are stuck. Keep an eye on your chat window, it will notify you if the mob cannot be killed or looted.

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