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Once the ore or enmatter has been transferred to your Inventory

Tooltip image

Default Key: I

Your Inventory is used to store the different items you need to use during your adventures on Calypso. Your items are automatically sorted into compartments like clothing, armor, weapons etc., which can be viewed by clicking the compartment tabs on the right.

The icons in the lower right area can be used to organize your Inventory, display only equipped items, view your avatar or place your avatar in camera focus.

The current weight of your Inventory and your PED account balance are also displayed for convenience. Dont forget that the weight of your Inventory will determine how quickly your avatar can move – something to bear in mind when exploring mutant settlements or dark woods – because there will be times when you want to get moving quickly.

, you may notice that your avatar is quite heavy and moving a lot slower – this is because of the extra weight. By refining the ore or enmatter you will reduce its weight and also make it easier to sell.

Basic Mineral Refiners and Energy Refiners can be bought from the Trade Terminals

Tooltip image

Trade Terminals
Located in all major towns and outposts

While in Aim Mode, right click and choose Operate from the interaction menu to access the terminal.

Trade Terminals contain all the basic equipment needed to get started on Calypso. You can also sell almost any item back to the Trade Terminal for it’s current Trade Terminal value. The current Trade Terminal value of any item can be found in it’s Item Info Panel.

. Once the refiner is in your Inventory, equip it by right clicking it and choosing Equip from the interaction menu. By pressing the left mouse button you will activate the refiner and be presented with the refining window. Drag the ore/enmatter from your Inventory into its respective refiner and press Refine. Ores will be refined into Ingots, and enmatters into a range of refined energy products.

Refined materials can easily be sold through direct trade with other avatars at any of the settlements on Calypso, or through the auction.


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