Ranged Combat

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Once you have the Opalo and a decent amount of ammo (100 or more) you can begin hunting. Most beginners are encouraged to start hunting either around the Camp Phoenix area, North East of Fort Argus, South East of Fort Troy or anywhere on the Atlas island.

When should you upgrade your weapon (stop using the Opalo)? The general consensus is – not before you have 1000 skill points in Rifle. Some even say as high as 2000. A popular decision is to upgrade at around 1500 skill points in Rifle. The next question is – what do you upgrade to? Popular choices include the Breer M2a (L) or the Riker UL2 (L). Both of those choices are Limited Weapons which provide Skill Gain Bonuses. Those bonuses will allow you to continue receiving skill points faster than with other weapons. Alternately, some wish to upgrade to the Breer M1a (L) once they have maxed out the skill increase on the opalo, so that they can keep the skill increase bonus and have something a little more powerful. It’s all about choice, there is no right option.

A few tips for getting the best out of your hunting trip:

  • If a mob start running towards you, turn to face it immediately and begin shooting. You want to hit it as many times as possible before it gets to you.
  • Take your time before you shoot. The reload time for a lot of weapons is quite long, so make sure you take the time to aim properly so that you don’t waste unnecessary ammo.
  • If the mob is running to you, start walking back by holding down the ‘S’ button. Continue firing as you move back. This allows you to get a couple of shots more until the mob can attack you. Stop walking when the mob reached you. This will allow your team members to heal you and make it easier for others to hit the mob.
  • Do not try to run away from a mob that can run faster than you.

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