Melee Hunting

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If you would like to start using Melee weapons you have 5 options:

  1. Longblades
  2. Shortblades
  3. Power Fists
  4. Whips
  5. Clubs

Whips and clubs are generally very expensive and not very economical. You will probably not want to start with them. Short blades and power fists are slightly better, but are also very uneconomical and hard to upgrade.

The long blade is the right weapon for starting melee skilling. The Castorian Combat EnBlade-A which can be bought at the Trade Terminal has a very slow attack speed, but it is recommended as the starting point because of its learning bonus. When starting out with melee, you should use this sword until you no longer get the learning bonus. At that point you should invest in a RepEdge Battle Axe 1×0 or the RepEdge Battle Axe 2×0 which is twice the speed and more economical.

Your next upgrade, after the Battle Axe, will be the Katsuichi Honor or the Katsuichi Valor at around 4000 skill points in Long Blade. If you can afford it, you can also purchase the Katsuichi Pride or the Katsuichi Determination. The Pride is more economical, and the Determination is faster


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