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Once you’ve successfully hunted your prey, you will want to find out if there are any useful resources that you can loot from it.

To loot a creature, right click the dead creature and choose ‘Loot’ from the interaction menu. When loot has been found, a loot window will appear with the resources. Simply click the ‘Close’ button on the loot window and the resources will be automatically transfered to your Inventory

Default Key: I

Your Inventory is used to store the different items you need to use during your adventures on Calypso. Your items are automatically sorted into compartments like clothing, armor, weapons etc., which can be viewed by clicking the compartment tabs on the right.

The icons in the lower right area can Tooltip imagebe used to organize your Inventory, display only equipped items, view your avatar or place your avatar in camera focus.

The current weight of your Inventory and your PED account balance are also displayed for convenience. Dont forget that the weight of your Inventory will determine how quickly your avatar can move – something to bear in mind when exploring mutant settlements or dark woods – because there will be times when you want to get moving quickly.


Right click any item in the loot window and choose Item Info

Tooltip image

Item Info Panel
In Aim Mode, right click any object and choose Item Info

The Item Info panel is available for all items on planet Calypso. It displays all relevant information about an item including its condition, operating parameters, potential skill bonuses and more.

It also provides access to an object’s historial market value. Hover the cursor over icons to receive further information.

from the interaction menu to view complete details about the item.

Loot when gained looks like this: Press Close Button to move on and keep going


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