Learning to die

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Lesson #1 – Learning to die

Yes, die. Strip off any armor you may have, so that it won’t be damaged. That equipment you are wearing is worth more then you are! REALLY!

The point of this excercise is to get used to the fact that dying doesn’t hurt. You don’t lose anything by dying except the location you are currently standing in. The one exception to this rule is within certain PvP zones. But by the time you can actually get to one of these places, you should know all about it.

Run outside town and harass the first monster you see. Let it chew on you and kill you. Take some notice of it’s rate of attack. Get used to the sounds and graphics. Run around a bit for fun, getting used to moving in the game.

You can hold down both the right and left mouse buttons at the same time and steer with the mouse. This is the fastest, most accurate method of moving.

After annoying monsters for a few minutes and getting killed a few times, you will probably have gained a small amount of skill!

“Your Skill in Evade has improved”

Thats the skill that makes it harder for the creature to hit you.

See.. you are tougher already! Now go do that every waking moment that you have nothing better to do! With your armor off, it is FREE. Yes, that’s right folks! DYING IS FREE!


It is important to know, however, that when you die, you will be revived at the NEAREST Revival Terminal, WITHIN THE SAME SERVER.. and that might not be where you expected if you don’t know where the “server lines” are. It may be useful to download a Revival map to show where each of the server lines are. The intuitive version is simply don’t stray too far from the herd of other new players unless you have either the time to get back to civilization yourself, or someone is in the game willing to do an emergency extraction and come get you.

Coming to get you takes time. Time is money.

One example of this that comes to mind is near Fort Argus. The server line is surprisingly close east of the city. If you die a bit too far east, you will revive what seems like incredibly far to the east in a very dangerous area, rather then back in the safety of Fort Argus. Easy solution – if you started in Argus, just don’t go east. There are plenty of monsters north south and west, and your chances of going “too far” in those directions by accident is close to nil.

If you started in Port Atlantis, this is generally not a problem. Just go north and look for trouble.

You do know how to read a compass, right?

Psychologically, this is important to get used to. To be a good soldier, you must overcome your fear of death. In a game where it doesn’t even hurt, that should be easy!

With each death you come back a bit stronger in both mind and body.

Now that you are FEARLESS, you will make a more effective killer.



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