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Hunting is the most popular of the main professions in Entropia Universe. Most new players will start out as hunters because of the nature of the game and its point-and-shoot style which most people are already familiar with. All throughout the Entropia Universe there are various creatures (called mobs) which carry loot (various items and objects). Hunting involves killing these creatures and looting them. You can loot a creature, after killing it, by right clicking the corpse or by selecting it and using the “Loot” action. Not all killed creatures carry loot. Sometimes the mob will carry large amounts of loot (called HoFs or globals), small amounts of loot, or they will not carry loot at all. The way the game generates how much loot each mob carries is unclear and is the subject of much speculation. Even if you don’t plan on remaining a hunter, it is wise to start out with at least a little bit of knowledge about the mobs out there.


When you first arrive on Calypso, your mentor (if he/she is a good mentor) will probably send you on a hunting mission early on in your training. Acquiring hunting skills is essential in order to graduate. For hunting you will need two things: a weapon and ammo. As a beginner you will want to buy the Sollomate Opalo from the Trade Terminal as your main hunting rifle. You can also buy the Omegaton M2100 from the Trade Terminal as an add-on handgun, but it isn’t necessary. The Opalo, and all other laser carbines use Medium Cell Ammo. The M2100, and other similar handguns will use Light Cell ammo. Heavy Cell ammo is reserved for heavy weapons such as cannons and as a beginner you will not need to worry about it. The other type of ammo is the BLP, but it is only used for BLP weapons (which aren’t sold at the Trade Terminal).

There are two major mistakes that beginners make with respect to hunting:

  1. They buy and use the wrong gun. Some people immediately want to grab the biggest gun possible in order to do the most damage and hunt the biggest mobs. Unfortunately for them, the game doesn’t work this way. Just as you wouldn’t expect a baby to get up and run marathons, you can’t expect your newly-created avatar to hunt the biggest creatures. As a beginner, with 0 skill points in combat, you will not be able to use powerful weapons to their full potential. In fact, most of the time you fire them you will probably miss your target entirely. This is not because you aren’t aiming correctly or due to your computer latency, but it’s due to your avatar simply not being able to operate this big gun.
  2. They hunt the wrong mob. As a beginner you simply will not be able to hunt Ambulimax’s or Atrox’s. They are just too strong for you. You should start by hunting Snablesnots, Daikiba, Exarosaurs and Sabakuma. This game is about patience, and you will need to be very patient and hunt very small, easy mobs until you can build up your skill points.

To avoid purchasing incorrect weapons and equipment it is recommended that you read the “Weapons That Save You Money Guide” which illustrates in detail which weapons you should be using based on your current professional standing. The name of the guide should say it all. There is no rule in the game that states you must start out with small guns and build your way up. You certainly can buy the biggest gun right away and hunt the biggest mobs, however, this is a sure way to generate a negative profit. In the long run you will lose more money on weapon repair and ammo than you will make in loot return.

As you continue to hunt it will advance your hunting skill points, such as Aim and Rifle, which will allow you to kill creatures with fewer shots (which means you’ll have less decay on your weapon and less ammo used up). Acquiring skill points in Ranged Combat also increases your weapon’s firing range. Other skills will improve other parts of your weapon handling abilities. Gaining the Evade skill while hunting will also allow to you evade future attacks, allowing you to save money on your armor repair costs.

There are two kinds of hunting methods – ranged and melee. For those just starting out in hunting, it is recommended to start with ranged combat. A beginner’s handgun or rifle can be purchased at the Trade Terminal. Ranged combat has a greater variety of weapons and therefore allows for easier skill progression. Ranged combat will also eventually lead you to the most powerful weapons. Melee weapons aren’t usually used by beginners, but some people prefer to carry them around in case of emergencies. It is rarely used a main weapon.

There are also two kinds of hunting targets – mobs and other avatars. Hunting mobs involves hunting other creatures that roam the land. Hunting other avatars (called PvP or Player vs. Player) can be done only in special PvP zones such as Octagon Rings. You do not acquire any skill points by participating in PvP


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