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To decrease the armor decay, it is recommended that you don’t attack more than one mob at a time. Even if your armor can take it (it is pretty easy to resist several Atrox’s in Nemesis armor) but your decay cost will increase immensely.

The rule of thumb is to avoid getting hit at all while wearing armor. If you are not wearing any armor at all, getting hit can be good because it will build up your Evade skill. To help you get away from attacks and decrease your decay costs here are a few helpful tips for hunting:

  • Find where your weapon’s maximum range is and attack from as far as possible (not too far though, because then you’ll miss and lose money on waste ammo)
  • Hold down the ‘S’ button as you shoot, this will make you walk backwards and it can help increase the distance between you and the attacking mob (if only just by one or two hits)
  • Hunt in a team so that you can kill the mob before it even has a chance to reach you
  • Invest in a long-range rifle and use it on the first few hits from a long distance away

Every armor has a minimum decay value, this is easy to calculate. Add up all your protection points, and divide them by 100. If the decay you would have from the protection of the armor falls below the minimum decay, you have to pay the minimum decay instead. For example, if you’re using Ghost armor (overall protection of 84) the minimum decay is 0.84. Ghost offers 1 acid protection. For 1 protection the decay would be 0.033, that’s below 0.84 which means that you had to pay 0.84 for 1 damage point less.

Decay is based on the absorbed damage, not the maximum one. Armor loses it’s protection when it decays. If your Ghost armor is very damaged,it only offers 10 Impact protection, then you have the decay of this 10, not the 18 which is the maximum that Ghost armor has.

If you use armor plates you have to pay the decay for both. Even if your armor would protect against the whole damage, if you’re wearing plates which protect against impact, you pay for their decay as well.

To summarize:

  • Avoid using armor with a low damage type protection against mobs with high damage in the same type, ie. Don’t attack a mob which deals 60 Impact damage while wearing 5 Impact damage protection. It will be very expensive and it won’t protect you very much.
  • Always keep your armor fully repaired, otherwise it will not offer maximum protection.
  • Don’t overprotect, especially not with plates. Try to use the right armor against the right mob.

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