Entropia Universe

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Entropia Universe is a massive virtual universe with a real cash economy. There are no experience points or levels within the game, and it is not officially categorized as an MMORPG; however, it shares elements of regular MMORPGs, in that skills and special items figure prominently in game play. The game is produced in Sweden and has a universal following of ever growing fans.

Entropia Universe Environment

Entropia Universe presents a vast landscape to explore, with two continents, Eudoria and Amethera. Both continents are located on the planet Calypso; there is also a space station in orbit over the planet. However, to get to the space station the players of Entropia Universe need to own a hangar which contains a working spaceship; this can be quite costly. Alternatively, players may pay for someone else to transport them. All areas within the Entropia Universe are inhabited by dangerous creatures or smart mobs.


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