Entropia Sweating/Learning to sweat while dying

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Ok, so now that you aren’t afraid to get killed, let’s make things a little more complicated and DO something while getting eaten. Sweating is the easiest way to earn a little bit of money in the game without any real cost to start. Basically you approach the monster to near the edge of your radar, (50 feet?), and you activate the sweat command. Sweating is a 2-phase operation, but both phases are activated by the same function.

  • In phase-1, you concentrate and your avatar begins humming and glowing a bit green. During this period, if you move your concentration is broken and you must start over. If you are hit by an attacker, your concentration is also broken.

You can avoid losing concentration when being hit by having another player give you Focus Charges through their abilities. Then instead of losing concentration when hit, you lose a focus charge (but will still sustain damage). Many players will focus you for free without you even asking, others may if you ask them. If you find me in game and ask, I will focus you.

  • In phase-2, after successfully concentrating, you activate the sweat function a 2nd time and begin “sucking” the sweat off of your target. This is the easiest way to describe it, and it makes a sucking sound. Many people are not aware, but at this point, once you start sucking, you CAN move and it will not stop your attempt.

If you are alone, and the monster has not attacked you yet, there is no reason to move unless the monster is moving directly away from you, in which case you will want to do station keeping movement. If you are alone and the monster is attacking you, you can effectively run away while still sucking sweat with no loss of efficiency. If you are around other players, you will want to move to insure that no-one gets in between you and the monster, as this may cause your sweat attempt to fail. Don’t let people get in your way. The easiest way to do this is get up right next to the monster, even if that means he is attacking you. Remember, dying is good training too! However this tactic is best used if you are very close to the revival point, such as at Camp Phoenix, the best place to sweat for that reason. If there are other players in the radar area the mob may charge after them as well.

The ideal way to sweat is in a group working together. Multiple sweaters and one guy with a Fap-5 or vivo-5 and a weapon. the sweaters form a circle around the mob and sweat until someone gets the message “You may no longer acquire sweat from this creature” , at which point they shout “DRY!” and the person with the weapon then kills it. While the sweaters are sweating the mob will be attacking someone, it is the person with the Fap’s job to keep everyone alive by healing them while they stand firm and continue to sweat. When sweating as a group like this , try to avoid moving as it may interfere with your companions sweat attempt, except the fapper, who should be moving outside the circle of sweaters healing them.


Another more complicated but fun way to sweat is as a 2-man team. Both players approach and begin sweating the mob. When the mob goes aggressive on one player, it is then that players job to run in a circle around the other player, who will continue to sweat. If done correctly, the runner will hardly ever get hit more then once or twice, and the sweater will drain the mob dry. This is best if both players have some form of weapon and done a bit farther from town, as other people will tend to interfere with your tactics, either to get in on your sweat target, or “rescuing” what to an outside observer would appear to be a confused new player running for his life, rather then a skilled and calculated tactical maneuver. Also note that the monster may decide to switch targets from the runner to the sweater, in which case the two players simply switch roles, the sweater running and the runner sweating.


Sweating may seem tedious and too much work for hardly any results, but you will get better at it over time, and it’s FREE. And also, just like everything else I’ll try to teach, doing it will make you a better player by getting you more “in tune” with the game and better able to deal with complex situations later on.

Best place to sweat for a newcommer is Swamp Camp a bit NW of Port Atlantis (you starting town). You’ll find week mobs there (daikiba, combibo, berycled), that are not agressive what makes sweating easier. You’ll also find many sweaters there, so your chances are rising, as angry mobs wont attack you as often as they would if you were sweating alone. The last advantage of this location are people training their healing and mindforce skills – they’re usually there, so after dying you’ll be healed and sometimes focused, which will allow you to sweat faster.


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