Entropia newbie guide

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So, you’ve just installed Entropia Universe. Once you have logged in, you will be in Port Atlantis (Usually abbreviated to PA in chat). If you plan to, or already have deposited (A wise move) only buy basic equipment from the Trader Terminal (TT). Buy a basic First Aid Pack (FAP) and a weapon of your own choice if you want to hunt, which is the cheapest way of making money, and usually the funnest. If you would rather mine, a riskier adventure, as bombs are quite expensive for the value of veins you will find. However, if you choose not to deposit, there is always sweating, the slow and steady way to win the race, which just involves being empty handed and double-clicking on any mob (animal) you find.


Do not buy armour until you have gained some evade skill, as it will just waste money with decay. Even then, avoid Settler, and go straight to Pixie. You can choose your own style of combat, using guns or melee weapons. Which is better is subject to great debate, but I would advise melee, as they generally do more damage, don’t need ammo and your evade, combat reflexes etc. skills will increase much faster, so you will survive longer against the big ones. If you agree, make your first purchase the Castorian Enblade A from the TT, found inside the big corrugated iron boxes that are dotted around the city. If not, buy either the pistol or the rifle, and plenty of ammo, as you’ll miss most of the time to start. Don’t buy the powerfist, it isn’t very good at all. Then head north-west to the PA swamp outpost, as kill Daikiba young, avoiding big groups of them. If you have plenty of time and little patience, you can head out to find some Male Snableshots, the easier prey, West of Camp Phoenix. There is a full hunting guide here so take a look.


After purchasing either an enmatter detector, extractor and some probes or an ore detector excavator and bombs from the TT, depending on what you want to mine, find a plaza full of people gathered round a crazy blue thing. This is the Teleporter (TP) for Port Atlantis. double click on it, and have a look at the map. You will find that even if you have spent several minutes finding the swamp outpost, you have covered only a speck of Eudoria. If you do a lot of exploring, you can find others, to save time on arduous journeys. Right now though, click “change continent” to have a look a Amathera. There are two pre-unlocked TPs here, the New Oxford one, and the Treasure Island (TI) one. Go to TI. This is presumably your first user owned land area (LA) unless you have visited Bank NEVERDIE already. It is owned by Deathifier, and imposes a very modest tax on money you make through hunting and mining. The Treasure Island minerals page will show you the considerable amount of both ore and enmatter to be found here, all with reasonable markups, although the current ingame markup may differ slightly, as it changes by the second, but you can go into your inventory (hotkey I) and right click on any item (apart from your PED card, don’t be silly) and find out the exact markup of the item. Go as far as you can from any civilization (and mobs to start with, but that isn’t necessary if you hunt as well.) There are many needlessly complicated theories and formulae on how to get ore, but it’s mostly luck. You can have a deeper look at mining here.


Just don’t do this yet. You will need a lot of money and craftable loot from either hunting or mining to even start, and if you want to make any money, you will need implants to get a good skill level, and these are painfully expensive.

The Oil Rig

Generally inadvisable, despite the message MA will send you upon birth, as ubers (demigod players) will generally “close” the rig and bring down any newcomers in a hail of gunfire. But if you’re bored and feeling suicidal, you can always ask around in chat if it is, then go for it. It’s south of the battlefield.


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