Comprehensive SIB Guide

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Through this guide you’ll learn the basics and more detailed side of SIB, as well as having at your disposal information to guide you through your SIB phase of your Entropian life.

What is SIB?

SIB also known as Skill Increase Bonus can be best described a “boost” to the normal skill gain rate on the equipment your using providing you havent reached the end point in that equipments learning curve.

What does it do and why is it beneficial?

With non SIB equipment you need a very high skill level to use it to its maximum potential and efficiently. SIB equipement offers a step to help skill these skills faster and more efficiently. You can reach the maximum potnetial of each SIB equipment easily so its seen as the most desired route to take.

As an example

If on average a non SIB weapon gives 6 skill gains in 20 uses, a SIB weapon will may give 10 skill gains for the same 20 uses. Remember these figures are fictional and only meant as a example

You skill faster and better using SIB equipment than with non SIB. This in return saves you PED (Money) as, for example, with a SIB weapon you will max the hit ability and critical hit ability statistics sooner. This will mean you dont Miss as often and youll inflict higher damage hits in return not so many attacks are needed to kill a creature.

To simplify for a weapon

less misses + higher hits = less ammo used + less weapon decay/armor decay from absorbing hits = money saved

How can i tell if my equipment has a SIB?

There is one simple way to view if the item has a SIB; double right click the equipment, a window will open with a picture of the item. At the bottom left of this window there a icon that looks like a magnifying glass image:Magnifying_glass.JPG

Click this and itll bring up the equipments statistics.

Below is a diagram of what you might typically see for the three main types of SIB equipment: Weapons/Healing/Mining image:Weapon_explained.JPG image:VIVO_EXPLAINED.JPG image:Mining_explained.JPG

There are 4 possible responses youll see on a item under the “Learning Period” section to determine if you get a SIB.

You do still get a SIB with this item
This item doesnt carry a SIB
Not Anymore
You have maxed the SIB learning on this item and need to move onto the next level item to receive a SIB again
Not Yet
You will get a SIB with this item but you havent achieved the level required to use this item or get the SIB

Note: Once the SIB bonus is no longer active on your item e.g it reads not anymore, you can still freely use this item just without the bonus. Note: On non SIB weapons and healing aids the recommended level will be 0. Learning peroid will be Never. However, the range, hit ability, and critical hit/ heal interval are still reflective of your ability with the weapon/Aid.

Important: Most items that carry a SIB are Limited (L) and cannot be repaired with exception to the Trade Terminal (TT) starter items e.g. Sollomate Opalo carbine

Professional standings and SIB equipment

To look at all of your professional standings and their current levels, open your Actions Book ingame (default key “X”). In this book you will find the star-symbol icon to gain access to the Professional Standings overview. Professional standings relate to the skills you acquire when acting in Entropia. All skills relate to certain professions, and all skills add to your levels with different impact. From this you can view the level of the professions you need to use your SIB equipment Image:Prof_stand.JPGProfessional Standings

How do I know which items I need for the SIB?

Well Using the Diagrams below you can see what level is needed for each SIB item in level order.


Sniper Weapons


Pistols Pistols


Support Support



First Aid

First Aid First Aid

Ore/Enmatter Finders

Sib Finders


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