Buyers guide

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Make sure you shop around
Even though you may see someone selling your item, that you wish to buy, you may find one cheaper elsewhere. Don’t be impatient and ‘go for it’ . I’ve learned this lesson a few times in my PE experience.
If the Price is too High…
Don’t give up! If you see someone selling over what you were expecting to pay (reasonable prices) then don’t be put off. So if you haven’t found a cheaper one, then don’t hesitate to Private Chat him!
Haggling is quite a fun thing when buying, you get a thrill especially when you buy yourself a nice bargain
Remember to aim slightly lower than you expected to pay, and hopefully he will raise your offer, and with any luck it should be around what you wanted to pay.
One great tip a good friend told me once…
One great tip i was once told, that if the price was too high, but the seller is unwilling (at the time) to sell it to you then do this!
Chat with him & follow the other stages and if he still won’t sell, ask him/her to add you to their Friends List. The purpose of this; tell them, is for them to PM you later if they have changed their minds about selling. You should also add them to you FL (friends list) too.
With any luck, if they are unsuccessful in selling their item/s, or have become bored, they will Pm you and offer a lower price. This little tip has saved me alot in the past…
Check the Auction!
One big tip, is to check the auction, there are often some bargains on there. Although you may have to wait a while before the bid ends, it can be worth it. It’s best to start bidding in the last few hours of the time limit, this stops the ‘bidding war’ raising the price too much.
Also if your lucky, sometimes you may find an item with a cheap buyout, that you can snap up & win instantly before anyone bids on it.

Overall, the main message in this guide, is to do your research before buying items. Chat with your experienced friends & read the forum. heck, I’m sure if you met one of the people from the EF community in-game, they’d be happy to help

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