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Blueprint Books

Tooltip image

Blueprint Book
Blueprint books are stored in, and accessed from the Inventory.

Blueprint books must be used to store your blueprints. Different books are available for armor, clothing, furniture etc.

After accessing a manufacturing terminal, you will need to open your blueprint book and double click a blueprint in order to load it into the manufacturing terminal.

contain various blueprints within specific categories. Blueprints are used in the manufacturing process. Only blueprints inserted into a Blueprint Book can be used. When you have launched the , you double click the blueprint in the Blueprint Book you wish to use.

The first page of the Blueprint Book is the index, where you can search for blueprints in the book. You can use the free text search area, level search, or use the scroll bar for a complete overview of your blueprints.

As you collect more blueprints in the book its appearance will be enhanced. A Blueprint Book containing blueprints may not be sold or traded.
Manufacturing Panel

Tooltip image

Manufacturing Panel
Accessed by right clicking a Manufacturing Terminal and choosing Operate from the interaction menu.

The Manufacturing Panel is used to set the parameters of your manufacturing attempt.

Double click a blueprint in your Blueprint Book to load it into the Manufacturing Panel. Drag the necessary raw materials from your inventory into the Manufacturing Panel. Set the Quality, Gender and other parameters. Finally, press manufacture to process your request.


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