Basic game knowledge

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Here are some very basic things that will help you take off in the right direction. While these won’t lead you to the path of riches, it will take some of the stress off of finding these things out for yourself.

  • Golden rule here: Don’t expect to get rich or rich quick. If you think with spending an hour or two in-game will lead to loads of ped overnight, forget it. You are at the bottom; you’ll have to climb up to sucess by your own hands.
  • Health is very important to keep an eye on. If it goes to zero, your dead and revive at the nearest (not always convient) revival terminal. When you revive after death your health will be at 1, so don’t charge into a fight right after death unless you have a FAP or a heal chip.
  • Use the storage to put away heavy items that you want to keep for later. This will lighten your avatar’s load and allow you to run when you otherwise wouldn’t be able to. Storage is global, so depositing items in one location you can retrive them elsewhere.
  • As armor decays, it will protect you less as it takes damage, so repair your armor often. In other words, in order to have the armor be fully effective it needs to be fully repaired, so it’s always a good idea to repair your armor before going into battle. While the newer Limited armor is non-repiarable, the protection values will not lower for the life of the armor.
  • Different weapons consume different amounts of ammo. Right-clicking the weapon will show the statistics of the weapon and how much ammo it uses per shot. Also note some weapon amplifiers use extra rounds to operate. Always take more ammunition than you think you’ll need. Nothing like having a fire fight…with no ammo.
  • Don’t use caps (capital letters) when chatting with others throughout the Entropia Universe. This gives the impression you are yelling, and most people will ignore or criticize you. Repeated offense may be considered as spam.
  • While sweat gathering is painstakingly slow and hard work, it’s also one of the most fundamental skills in the game. Along with selling the sweat you gather you will also gain valuable skills in the process, such as evade, agility and courage. These will help with your hunting later on.
  • Do not be disappointed if you do not get any loot after your first few kills. Keep hunting, and it may improve. Even some of the most skilled hunters often get little or no loot after hunting large mobs. The amount of loot distributed throughout the game is determined by Mindark and their process of distribution is kept secret (If there was any knowledge of how loot worked it would jeperdize the game).
  • Do not bite off more than you can chew! Unless you’re part of a large team with skilled players do not attempt to take on a bigger mob than you can handle. You will most likely end up dead, with wasted ammo spent and wasted decay on armor. Start small and work your way up.
  • Tied to the previous tip, do not use more advanced tools and weaponry than you are skilled for! Stick with the Trade Terminal weapons, such as (the opalo), as these provide a learning bonus for newcomers, and can easily and quickly be mastered. While starting with a Marber-Tango Plasma Rifle has a nice ring to it and may be very exciting, you will miss your target completely more often and do minimal damage. You should always check the statistics of your weapon before using it and make sure that the Hit Ability is at a maximum or at least very high. If your weapon’s Hit Ability is 0 then your chances of hitting a target with that weapon are extremely low. Your Hit Ability will increase as you accumulate more skill points.
  • To help build your skill levels early, it may prove useful to purchase and use crafted (L) weapons. While these are non-repairable, these offer SIB bonuses beyond the TT weaponry, and are in most cases more efficent than their similar unlimited counterparts (A low level hunter would hunt more effectively and economicaly with a Breer 1A than the MKII).
  • Collect all the Teleporters (TP’s). These can make trips a lot faster and you’ll get a chance to explore the land around them. While these will not matter much in the beginning of your gameplay these will quickly become required with team hunts and space flights.

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