Armor for Hunting

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It is possible to hunt without any armor or First Aid Packs. However, as you attempt to go after tougher mobs, they will become life-savers. As a beginner (100 skill points in Rifle or less) you shouldn’t be wearing any armor at all. The general rule is that if you can survive without any armor – do it. It will save you money on armor decay. Once you begin to notice that you can no longer have a productive hunting session without armor (eg. you keep dying, or having to retreat from attack) then it’s time to put on some armor.

Do not use the Pioneer or Settler armor set that is sold at the Trade Terminal. It is a terrible armor and it will be a waste of your money. Your first armor investment should probably be the Pixie armor set. After which you can upgrade to the Goblin armor set. Both of these sets can often be looted from Daikiba and Exarosaur so you probably won’t need to purchase the set. You will end up finding all the pieces you need pretty quickly. If not, both of these armor are quite cheap and are often sold at Port Atlantis by other avatars or available at inflated prices on the Auction.

It is possible (and very likely) that your mentor will have told you to do a lot of sweating before hunting. This is because your mentor wants you to build up your Evade skill before going on a hunt. Building up your Evade skill is the best form of protection because it means that you will dodge the incoming attack and come out unharmed and without any decay on your armor. Getting hit is bad because you damage your armor (and yourself), but it’s also good because it will build up your defenses against further attacks. If you have the patience, it is incredibly valuable to go out on sweating runs until your Evade skill is up in the hundreds, before going hunting.

As your Armor decays it’s protection will become worse. It is imperative that you keep your armor fully repaired at all times in order to get the best protection out of it.


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